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Exercise after IUI?

 I had my first IUI on Saturday. I had another on Sunday. I asked the RE if I could resume exercise normally and she said to go moderate. I exercise about 5 days a week and I have been inactive for the last week because I wasn't sure if I was supposed to. What is all you opinions on exercising for the next 2 weeks. I'd like to go back tomorrow. 

Re: Exercise after IUI?

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    My doctor didn't say anything about not exercising after my IUI, but I took 24 hours off.  Then went to two zumba classes, and yoga each week of my TWW.  My husband and I also went on a moderate hike each weekend.  This is my usual routine.

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    I tested positive today, so I beleive my regular exercise routine was okay!

    Good luck to you!!
  • I was told by my RE to take it easy the day of IUI, and to resume normal activity, including exercise by the next day.  If you're already very active, you can remain so, but just don't add anything new and unfamiliar to your exercise routine.
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  • After my first iui, the doctor told me to rest for a day and then do light walking no jumping. Just had my second iui, following the same advice.

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  • I was told that I could lightly exercise the day of, and resume regular exercise after that. It's good for you, keeps circulation going!

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