TTC after 35

NBR: Getting Acne after 35

is anyone else having this problem? In the passed few months I am breaking out and it's driving me crazy! all on the one side of my neck, my chest and my back. Hormonal changes I'm guessing? I've never had an acne problem my whole life so this is new. does anyone have any tips or tricks? what products do you recommend if any? so frustrating! 

Me: 37
DH: 36
Married: 08-25-07
DS: 11-20-09

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Re: NBR: Getting Acne after 35

  • Lu19Lu19 member
    Not sure if I have similar issue, but I recently developed a whole lot of acne near my jawline/neck area after having an ectopic pg in January. I thought acne would eventually clear up, but still there. I haven't had any acne breakouts since my late-20's (now 37) and it's always been on my face (not jawline/neck area). I talked to my Dr. (PCP, not OB) about it, and he thought it was likely due to ectopic/tube removed and sending my hormones out of whack. He also said to follow-up if it doesn't clear up in a couple months. Next time I see my doctor, I definitely plan to bring this up. I'll keep you updated on this thread if I hear anything new. Please lmk if you find out anything - agree, very frustrating!
  • I have always suffered some kind of acne since I was about 11 or 12. It's never been severe, and the patterns have changed as I've aged, but up until I started the autoimmune protocol diet, I breakout on my jawline, neck, chest and upper back/shoulders. 
    I'm actually quite clear right now, but it's been more than 2mo with the diet, and I do believe mine is from a hormonal imbalance (probably PCOS)...
    I'm sorry you're dealing with this right now. Please keep us posted on what your dr has to say. Good luck xo
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  • As for products, I've tried benzoyl peroxide lotion and it did nothing but bleach out my sheets and shirts! I use simple face wash and an organic argan oil (2-3 drops) added to a natural rose moisturizer. 
    I only use mild cleansers on my body, currently I'm using EVERYONE soap 3-in-1, but I've had success with Dove for sensitive skin. 

    good luck @lisswastaken :)
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  • My breakouts are on my jawline too. I think it's a combination of stress and hormones since TTC and now IVF. I like @thistle8677 's product suggestions because they sound like they are okay to use once we are KU if the acne persists. I use a gentle cleanser by Acure, Alpha Hydrox intensive serum, Acure Oil Control Moisturizer, and then do a weekly mud mask. This routine seems to work and the products are relatively cheap to test out and are all TTC/KU safe (as far as I know). There are acne treatment products online that are made for TTC and while KU, like Belli, but the reviews are mixed.

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