2nd Trimester

Allergic reactions???

Hi evsryone. I'm Jen and i am 20 weeks. Over the weekend i had an allergic reaction to ......something. Since Benadryl is on my approved list i took that and it seemed to help with the redness and itchiness.Now however i feel nauseous and have diarrhea.  I plan on calling the doctors office if amything to make them aware.  Also i threw up over the weekend which only seems to happen when the baby just doesnt like something.  Has anyone had any issues similar to this? ? 

Re: Allergic reactions???

  • If you are asking if I had randoms nausea and puking in the second tri. Yup and now just entering 3rd I still get it randomly. I can't tell you if it is connected to the Benadryl though it is always good to check with you dr if you are unsure about something. And if you are having a hard time keeping fluids down also good to let them know that as well 
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  • If you had a minor allergy to something before, pregnancy can amplify it. And allergies can cause vomiting... but so can pregnancy! Lol.

    If it happens again, keep a food diary and try to see what you ate both days. It sounds like it was pretty minor, so I would just keep Benadryl on hand, and touch base with your doctor, and not worry about it unless it happens again.

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