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Chosing godparents for your child

Hi. ...
For my 1 st child we chose family to be his godparents.  This time around we were thinking friends.  
Believe that the godmother of my son assumes she will be godmother for the baby.  Though it's never been discussed. 

Do most people choose same godparents or different for each child? 

Also pros/cons to family vs friends as godparents? 


Re: Chosing godparents for your child

  • Both of my children have the same godmother and father. They are close family friends. We chose them because they both love our children as their own and are great role models for them. No one in either of our families had the qualities we wanted in a godparent.
  • That's entirely up to you, but having different god parents for your children means separating your children on top on the already traumatic event of you and your spouse's unfortunate early demise god forbid it happen. Food for thought.
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