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28 wks with twins, measuring 38 wks if it was single pregnancy

hi all,

dr told me that my belly is measuring 38 wks if it was a single pregnancy. They measured me when i was only 28 weeks. Ultrasound looked fine, babies are 2 lbs 10 and 2 lbs 12. Everyone (meaning co-workers and random people) keep telling me im not going to last to 38 weeks. Yup, people are rude and causing me unnecessary stress. And i really wish this dr (another dr in the practice, not my main ob/gyn) didnt tell me that. I was already feeling really nervous and physically uncomfortable and questioning how there would be any more room for them to grow to 38 wks.

My question to the goup is if you knew your fundal measurement (for singles), how far ahead were you measuring? And if you were measuring ahead, at how many weeks did you deliver? 

Thanks in advance for any responses! 

Re: 28 wks with twins, measuring 38 wks if it was single pregnancy

  • A, don't stress on what random people or coworkers are saying. Only put stock in what your doctor is saying. If he didn't say there was a reason to expect to go early at this point, then don't worry about it.
    B, I measured 6-8 weeks ahead the last month or two. I did end up delivering at 35w3d (4d?) but only because I developed preeclampsia. My Doctors all told me that the belly measuring didn't tell them too much because there isn't any data really on multiples. 

    Just enjoy them growing healthy in your belly. I miss that feeling so much and we were so worried about countless "what ifs" that we didn't fully enjoy it.

  • Don't stress about it! My Dr did a fundamental height measurement at 36 weeks just for fun and I was measuring 48 :) babies stayes in until I was induced at 37+3!
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  • I'm 36 weeks and at 35 weeks I was measuring 45 weeks. Twin 1 is on the 50th percentile and Twin 2 is on the 80th so lots of baby in there (about 12lbs)! 

    I would honestly prepare to deliver at any point after 34 weeks BUT that doesn't mean you will. 50% of twins come early (before 37 weeks) so it's good to prepare but that also means that 50% come after 37 weeks! It depends highly on how they're doing, how you're doing, how big they are and what kind of doctor you have. I was told by my doctor that they didn't think I'd make it to 36 weeks due to the babies' sizes but I'm still cooking them :)

    Also, don't listen to people about twins unless they have a reason to know what they're talking about. The amount of stupid, out of date or completely wrong advice I've gotten from random people...ugh. 
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  • When I was 28 weeks I was measuring 36 weeks, and I'm currently 36+5 with my twins.  Don't worry about having room for them to grow - your body will figure it out!  I stopped asking them my fundal height measurements after awhile because I realized it didn't matter anyway.  Don't listen to your co-workers about how far you'll last either.  I know someone who made it to 40 weeks with her twins!  Just focus on resting as much as possible and you'll be fine!
  • Unless your coworkers have had twins they can get bent. I was measuring "52 weeks" by 37 weeks. And I didn't go into labour, I had to be induced because twin A wasn't growing as fast as B - she was fine though, they were both healthy weights and no NICU. You'll be surprised at what your body can handle. Your uterus doesn't have a "cut off" size, it'll stretch to accommodate two babies, it'll get as big as it needs to. 

    Just hang in there! 
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    I always measured at least six weeks ahead. I worked 12 hour shifts as an RN up to 34 weeks. I delivered at 35w6d because my water spontaneously broke. I had zero signs of labor. What will be, will be! Twins are a whole new ballgame & I agree with PP, your coworkers can get bent! Listen to your body & rest as much as you can. Mine were 5.11 & 5.9 and only spent 8 & 11 days in nicu. At 7 months, they are now in the 62% for weight & height. Just take it one day at a time!!
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  • I'm in the same boat as you.  I'm 32 weeks and have a dr appt today.  But two weeks ago was measuring at 36 weeks.  For me it provides comfort, since I've been so uncomfortable as of late, I at least understand that yeah cause with one baby is almost be due and I still have at least 4 weeks (ideally).  Like PP said, don't worry about what randos say, in all honesty they're probably saying it with the best intentions on trying to relate to you since they really have no idea what you're going through.  Don't worry girl, you got this!

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  • When I was 36 weeks with my twins I was measuring 50 weeks. I was always
    wworried about how they were going to keep growing without (what I thought) was not much room. I couldn't possibly get bigger. Guess what.... They made room. It was uncomfortable for sure. I delivered at 36 weeks 6 days to a 5lb 3oz girl and a 6lb boy. 

    Something about having twins makes other people crazy and feel like they can ask you or say stupid to you. You have to just expect it. Toward the end of my pregnancy I rarely took my earphones out at work and never made eye contact in my way to the bathroom. It wasn't 100% effective but it helped a little. 

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