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Help! 10.5 months - sleeps through the night but wakes at 4:30 AM!

hi ladies!
i have managed to avoid cry it out with my LO...
she's been a fairly easy baby, and goes down (quite literally) with the sun in the evening, at 7:30/7:45. since about 4/5 months ( although she just started sleeping through the night at 7 mo). 
 The problem is that she has started waking up between 4:30 and 5:00 (

Re: Help! 10.5 months - sleeps through the night but wakes at 4:30 AM!

  • Exactly the same goes to bed 7/8 and sleeps through but up 5/5:30 I blame winter daylight savings (Aust time) 
  • Ours has done that a couple of times. If it seems like he isn't going to go back to sleep, I go into his room but don't turn on the light and cuddle with him until he falls asleep again. But he goes to bed later than your baby and it seems like they're sleeping for the same amount of time (10 or 11 hours).
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  • My LO started around 9 mo and just decided that 3am was play time especially since she learned how to tell mama at the top of her lungs. Now at 11 mo she's still waking up after 3am despite cry it out methods or coddling. Oh yeah and as the least picky baby around she has decided she wants to revert to stage 2 foods and only eat sweet potatoes and bananas without throwing a tantrum. 
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