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Miscarriage bleeding question...

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Hello ladies I posted a few days ago about having a possible miscarriage. I have now been bleeding for almost a week on and off and yesterday it started being bright red on and off, I have had no clots like I have had in my previous miscarriage so I'm concerned about what's going on... The Dr is calling me tomorrow with my updated HCG levels but I'm mostly nervous about an ectopic... 

TMI warning 

Has as anyone ever bled and had no clots before during a miscarriage...

Re: Miscarriage bleeding question...

  • Are you having pain or cramping? I don't really have much advice- I'm going through an ectopic right now and it's my first loss.  I have had a ton of pain- burning abdominal pain and then intense right side low pain.  Since I started the drugs to terminate I have had same symptoms plus cramping, but only brown spotting so far.  Hopefully you get some answers from dr tomorrow- hang in there. 
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    The quality of bleeding (color, clots vs no clots) is not really diagnostic of the underlying cause. FWIW, I bled bright red and brown before my first loss without clots. Have you had an ultrasound yet to look for an intrauterine pregnancy? I'm sorry you are going through this. 

    ETA: I went back and read your last post. Not to sound insensitive, but are you sure this isn't AF after your loss and not a second pregnancy? Did your initial betas get tracked to zero? I would hate for you to be placing yourself in a second loss situation that isn't so. It makes no sense that you would have positive HPT's for two weeks and be 4.5 weeks along (as per your first post).  
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  • Echoing @Wishilivedinflorida, could this be AF?  It can take your HCG a while to fall after a loss, and my understanding (not a doctor, just based on what's going on w/me) is you can start to cycle and/or get AF after a loss when your HCG is still somewhat elevated.  Seems somewhat unusual, but it's not unheard of.  In any case, I hope you get some answers soon, and I am sorry for your loss.  
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  • Thank you for your responses... I'm 100% sure, after my last loss I had AF and my HCG got tracked to 0. I bled for 5 days heavy and was done.... This would be my second AF after my first MC.
  • @1inthehopper I have right lower pain and back pain sometimes it feels burning but just on the right side not my whole abdomen... I also have had nerve issues in the past and had a similar pain. 
  • Well then I'm afraid they will just have to follow betas and consider an US if they rise. With both my losses I had strong pains on one side or the other but my pregnancies were definitely intrauterine. Hopefully you find some answers soon. Sending T&P. 
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