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So I've always been bigger busted. I wear a 34D, even though the lady at VS told me I should be wearing a DD (I just have so many comfy VS bras that I didn't want to buy a bigger size). I'm 19wks 5 days and I'm having serious issues keeping these girls contained. I've been wearing more sports bras because they have been more supportive but I'm even starting to pop out of these. Does anyone have any good bra suggestions? Just something comfy and practical. 

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  • If you're planning to breastfeed, you may want to go ahead and get some Bravado nursing bras right now. They are sooo comfy. I wear the same size as you and loved them with my first.

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  • I'm the same size and am starting to pop out too (19w3d) so I'm also just following for suggestions! Sports bras have definitely been the most comfortable.
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  • I'm a bit bigger than you (36DD) and I love Soma bras. When I was pregnant with DD I got hooked on Soma nursing bras...the were the only thing I could find that gave me the support I needed with the functionality of a good nursing bra. They aren't exactly cheap but totally worth it in my opinion.
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  • I highly recommend going to Nordstrom and getting professionally fitted. Wearing the right size bra is more comfortable, supportive, and puts the girls where they should be, so you'll look better. I think I heard something like 3/4 women are wearing the wrong size bra. 

    I'm starting to spill out of my pre-pregnancy bras, so I'm going to go get fitted tomorrow. 

    Definitely don't buy nursing bras yet, unless they're stretchy sleep-type bras. Go get fitted again about 2-3 weeks postpartum. You'll have gotten over the initial engorgement, but you'll probably still be bigger than you are now. 

    With DS1, I was a C pre-pregnancy, a D during, and an F while nursing! Your boobs change a lot. 
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    Just keep swimming.
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  • I bought a bunch of nursing bras, but found regular bras with no underwire  worked best for me even while nursing. I'm a 38DD and I found it easier to just flip up the bra rather than fumble with the clips. I found it easier to find them on sale, too. Plus, since my size didn't change much I could wear them afterwards. 
  • I have already gone from a 32DD to a 34G this pregnancy. I don't live near any big department stores, so I ordered about 6 different bras online, all different brands, from Nordstrom and Bare Necessities. None of them fit. I ended up driving a while to a speciality bra store and getting professionally fitted. I recommend doing that, especially at a store where they know what they're doing. I worked as VS as a teenager, and their bra fittings are always way off. I ended up buying one Simone Perele bra and one Fantasie bra. They were both more than I wanted to spend, but the comfort is totally worth it. 
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  • I am 21 weeks and I was busting out of my 36D. I was at Motherhood and I tried on a 36E and I was spilling out. I did buy one that was a 38D, it does not fit right but it is more comfortable than my 36D was. I am going to go hunting for bras next weekend because my poor boobs are hating life. I just hate spending this much money on bras that may only fit for a few months.... I am on a budget trying to save as much as we can before the little guy gets here. 
  • Motherhood has all kinds of different types and they are comfortable
  • Check clearance racks too. I was able to get a couple of bras for less than 15 / ea because they were on clearance. Honestly, they are ridiculous colors / patterns, but whatever. They fit!

    I did buy two white ones one and two sizes up, but mostly for shirts I can't wear ... leopard, or something equally awful.

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