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Reaction to bottle vs breast

LO has been mostly bf since 2 weeks ( early supplements with weight issues etc ) but we recently reintroduced the bottle (pumped milk). His reactions are insanely different and I'm curious if any other moms experienced this. He is comfortable nursing for 1+ hr to only take about 2 oz (I've done a lot of weighted feeds) but when getting the bottle he screams having it pulled away for paced feeding, burping etc. Once he has the bottle back he calms down and the cycle repeats until he's finished. The ways he's acting makes me think he so hungry he can't stand having the bottle removed yet he's perfectly content to slowly nurse for a
much less amount and won't scream if I unlatch him to move/burp. We've been using the Medela calma nipples and he had no issues with them previously. Any thoughts? 
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