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I need some motivation to work out/eat appropriate portions

Hi Ladies,
I'm struggling and I need your support. Before this pregnancy I was running 15 miles a week and had just completed my first half marathon. I had flat abs for the first time and I enjoyed working out and then I got pregnant and the sinus headaches that came along with it crushed my soul. I can play the blame game but I have gotten out of shape and now I'm 20 weeks... and I just feel completely disconnected from my body...I feel swollen and large and I had a great workout week last week. I did some pregnancy yoga and 2 runs! Which was huge because I hadn't been running since like 11 weeks. But my run last friday left me so sore in recovery that I didn't end up working out at all! I just come home from work and crash... I eat a huge dinner because I have eaten healthy all day and then go straight to bed. I feel like I have a devil on my shoulder saying " you're pregnant now is not the time to be stressed about getting workouts in" and then I hear another voice that says " You have worked so hard for this and labor is going to be a huge marathon and you need to be physically ready". On top of all of this guilt from both sides our cat has been puking up his food everyday and we were notified from the vet he may have heartworm ( he also has aids) and hes only 3 years old. I will find out the final verdict from a blood test monday if he has a mature worm or if its just food allergies( we have been struggling with this for two years and are now switching to kangaroo as his protein because it's suppose to help). Oo and my other cat that we have had for 13 years was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and will need an ultrasound in May to check and see if the medication is helping her. Even if the medication helps there is no cure because its genetic.

I'm a FTM and I need some help figuring out this new body. HELP!?

Re: I need some motivation to work out/eat appropriate portions

  • @texasmam2014 I used to run with my husband, but hes training for an ironman right now. So hes going to the gym twice a day and doing hours of workouts... I should just take a separate car or go out with him even if we can't run together. The hardest part is only 2 workout outfits still fit me. I was very tiny before all of this and now my workout pants/ capris and shorts are too restrictive because I really liked the highwaisted style.. so I can't fault myself for it not fitting. I am going to go out and run tomorrow morning just for 2 miles and I'm sure it will make me feel better about myself. I hate that I am feeling crappy about myself bec of the lack of working out.
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  • I'm struggling with motivation. I have great weeks and others where going to work seems impossible. I try and work out as much as possible, while modifying and making sure I'm hydrated.

    My biggest problem is the snacking all day long, and not on the best foods either. It's too easy to grab chips, chocolate or candy. What I have been doing lately, is if I want a snack I grab a healthy snack, nuts, fruits or at least a snack that I made at home, (rice krispies...yeah not the smartest but it needs to be better than chocolate, right? LOL). If I'm still hungry afterwards, then I "cheat" and go for the unhealthy stuff, but I am making an effort to eat healthy first. It kinda has been working for the past week at least. Maybe something like that can help you. Oh and try to not leave it to the last minute. That's when I'm most likely to do take away.

    @texasmama2014, I would love a weekly check-in. I'm not a runner but a cyclist and would love to have a group to help keep motivated and "accountable" to.

  • @katm89 I definitely am using my hugest tshirts! 
  • Make sure you HAVE healthy foods on hand, not matter where you are. I filled our work fridge / kitchen area with everything from pita chips and hummus to fresh fruit, so when I get hungry (which, let's be honest, happens!) I grab fruit or hummus rather than chocolate. My car has granola bars stuffed in the glove box, so if I am out and about, I don't run through a drive through.

    I'm off of bedrest as of next Thursday (Yay!) and my doctor has me doing PT to get back in labor ready shape. Don't hold yourself to the same standards as before (like worrying about missing a work out, and letting that get you down!), there are a lot of factors holding you back, but making sure you do what you CAN is crucial.

    I always ran in the mornings before my shower, and the first tri exhaustion put and end to that. Now I have a little more energy, and am allowed to, I am looking forward to running again. But I know it won't be 3 miles in 30 minutes anymore. If I run whatever I run in 15 or 20 minutes, I'm counting that as a win!

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    All great advice so far. What really helps me is packing my lunch plus lots of healthy snack options for work. Sometimes I eat them all but if I don't get around to them I stash them in the fridge/cabinet. I really am hungry a lot so having good food options helps me avoid takeout, the vending machine and candy dishes around the office.

    Things I've been bringing lately: apples (with peanut butter), hard boiled eggs, mandarin orange cups, cheese sticks, Triscuits (with peanut butter), raw almonds, small bars of 70% dark chocolate. I drink a lot of water (5 or 6 24 oz. Tervis Tumblers a day) and have "treat" beverages on hand like La Croix water, iced tea, hazelnut coffee K-cups and zero calorie Vitamin Water.

    I also track all my calories in My Fitness Pal which syncs to my Fitbit. The more I move, the more calories are "adjusted" so it helps me strive for extra steps and watch my food intake (sometimes it's okay to have a bowl of cereal after dinner... other days, I should just go to bed - ha!). I don't go crazy with exercise because I'm exhausted and have a lot of hip pain but daily walks and prenatal yoga help keep me moving.

    Per my midwife, my goal is to gain no more than 25 lbs. so that helps keep me focused. It's for my health being pregnant with the baby and for all of us post-pregnancy too!
  • @winnielou82 My doctor said no more than one pound a week from now on, (and conversely I SHOULD be gaining one pound a week from now on) so keeping that in mind has helped me monitor my weight gain, aiming for that end number, which is healthy for both me and the baby.

    Honestly - my husband has gained more weight than me so far... shhh, lol.

  • Anybody have good workout routine or video series they recommend that's good during pregnancy and not too hard on the knee joints??  :)
  • I have been trying to stick to simple yoga and walking. I think it's helped as far as what I've gained so far. I also make sure I have fruit or veggies for a snack at some point, and keep granola bars in my purse and car. And for dinner, I use a side plate so even if I fill it, it's still a proportionate amount of food. And lots of water. But I've really been slacking on it all in the last couple weeks. I've been so busy with getting work done around the house, that I've neglected myslef. Just try to remember it's all going to pay off in a few months!
  • Hey ladies,
    Thank you so much for your input. I spoke to my sister in law who is a dietician and she put me on a meal plan and weight gain plan and will be checking in with her weekly. I'm very lucky to have her in the family. I ran last night... first time in about a week of working out. My shorts do not fit anymore ugh... so i need to buy some workout stuff... add that to the ever growing shopping list. But our kitty passed the Heartworm test yay!!!!!
  • Sorry to hear about your cats!

    My workout advice is to set little achievable goals so you can reach them and not feel overwhelmed by doing too much. I look at my calendar each week and pick three days that I will be able to get my workouts in based on what I have going on and adjust if necessary so those three days are met. Even if it means forgoing cooking one night and eating cereal, I make sure to make this a priority and my husband gets it. It's truly a relaxation time for me.

    I also focus on doing things I enjoy, like spinning and prenatal yoga, and for days where I know I'll find myself bored on the elliptical or stair master I bring my iPad and watch a tv show to keep me on the machine!

    I also try to not use the workouts as an excuse to eat extra calories this time around which I did with my son. "Oh I took a spin class, that equals a milkshake." It's not always easy but if I eat something junky I try to balance out the rest of the day with healthier options.
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    It is tough to keep at it. I try to do at least 5 days of exercise and 2 rest days. I mix it up to keep things interesting and cut myself some slack if I need to modify. This may sound silly, but there is a huge network of fit moms on Instagram so I created a separate Insta account for all things pregnancy and fitness. It's helping me be accountable. 

    Try not to feel guilty and sounds like you have a great meal plan now. Exciting!

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