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LO nursing for hours at a time

FTM here - my one month old DD nurses what seems like constantly. I know it probably varies but when do feedings usually begin to space out a bit? She can go for a couple hours at a time, sometimes just looking around, falling asleep, etc., but then fussing and rooting if we stop. LC said this is normal and fine as long as she's gaining weight etc but I am exhausted!

Re: LO nursing for hours at a time

  • Yeah it's normal. My girls both did that in the evening for a while after birth. I began to plan for it and eat an early dinner and settle in on the couch with a book or watch a movie and have a bottle of water and snacks within reach. It's something that won't last forever. I don't recall when it stopped, but it's normal. Hang in there. 

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  • Agree with PP that it perfectly norma and would add you might want to see an lc again to make sure LO has a good latch. She might be working to get her fill for the day and getting bored/tired if it's difficult for her. 
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  • Hang in there.  It's totally normal.  I kept reminding myself that the more she was on the breast the more she was building up my supply.  
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