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  • @ChrissyMarie128 ;I got the spectra 2 because I wanted the rechargeable battery. I hope they are as good as the reviews suggest! 
  • @Heathereaddy I think the Spectra S1 is the one that has the rechargeable battery. I was so disappointed that I couldn't find a vendor my insurance worked with that offered the S1!  The Spectra S1 is still only $190 on Amazon. Sooo....I may just take my S2 and quietly purchase the S1 without telling my hubby. Lol!!!  And, yes, the reviews have a lot to live up to!! Having heard personal testimonials and reading the reviews, I def have high hopes for it!!  
  • @ChrissyMarie128 ; yes- I meant the spectra 1! I had to pay a little out of pocket for the spectra 1 because my insurance wouldn't cover the battery but hopefully it'll be worth it!
  • @Heathereaddy who did you order through? I wonder if I could do the same!! I'd def pay a little out of pocket for the S1!!
  • @ChrissyMarie128 ;I ordered through aeroflow. They were great and even sent me free milk storage containers! Our flex spending account reimbursed us  for the small out of pocket fee. 
  • @maggiemu42 My insurance is the same, they will only cover one brand/model and it isn't known for holding up well. I ended up going and purchasing the one that I wanted (and used previously), and that will be my main pump. I am still going to get one through insurance, and keep that one in the car for when I am out and about, so I don't have to pack up the main one. 

    @chrissymarie128 That sucks that you had so many issues with your Pump-In-Style. It is the one all of my friends have used with their kids with zero issues, and I used one when I exclusively pumped with my DD (and also had zero issues). That thing was a workhorse, pumping 16+ ounces every 2 hours for months and months. And I have had plenty of friends that have used the same exact PIS for 4 kids (just changing out the tubes/flanges/etc), and didn't have any issues. Maybe you got a lemon?
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    @ChrissyMarie128 I didn't like the pump in style either! Ds was in the nicu for a bit and used the hospital grade pump and it was fantastic! I got home and couldn't pump nearly as much! My insurance will pay for renting a hospital grade pump so I'm doing that this time! Ds was born last June so my pis still works fine for traveling and stuff! 
  • Anyone in the DMV, the one I'm supposed to use is call The Neb Doctors of Maryland if anyone is looking for a medical supplier I had never heard of them until my insurance suggested them. 
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    @ChrissyMarie128 the Spectra website has a page with a long list of distributors that supply a Spectra upgrade (of course if your insurance covers it)... Check it out!  I just went for the fully covered corded one.  I'm looking forward to trying the spectra, especially because it's supposed to be quiet!!!!!
  • I was going to ask my OB about the breast pump today (and how I go about getting one), but the assisting nurse said "Oh, you are 30 weeks....have you gotten the breast pump yet?" I told her no, and she said that she would make sure I had one before I left. So they handed me one as I walked out the door. 
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  • I filled out a form with Aeroflow this morning, got a call this afternoon confirming what pump I wanted and telling me insurance would cover it, and they are already shipping it out! So awesome! Though now reading the negative opinions of the pump in style here, I hope I don't hate it!
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    @winnie1122 it'll be fine :).  My Medela worked great for me... I'm just exploring another option this time around to supplement my medela.
  • @winnie1122  Me Medela PISA arrived on Monday. I have read lots of great reviews and I am just happy my insurance covers it I don't have to shell out $300 for it!
  • I think the Medela PIS works great for those who have good milk supply. However, nothing beats a hospital grade pump and to have one like the spectra on the market available for retail is amazeballs. It came so highly recommended from the lactation consultants I spoke with as well as every distributor I spoke to that I couldn't not get it. And, uber bonus, on the quiet feature!! I know that Aeroflow offers the spectra s1 and s2 and that the s1 is covered but it's an upgrade because it has a rechargeable battery. so it has some slight out of pocket costs. So if you haven't ordered a breast pump yet on def get on the Spectra bandwagon!  After such a terrible Medela PIS experiences with low milk supply myself and other Mommas with the same experience with the PIS I just couldn't rely on it again. It's too emotional. 

    GOOD LUCK to all with our milking machines!! May we produce and abundance of nourishment for our babes!!
  • I had the same issue. Once I logged into my BCBS account online and searched breastmilk pump, I found where I can order through CVS Caremark. Too bad they only offer Ahmeda. 
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