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Hi ladies I have been on this board lurking in Feburary when I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks... Fast forward to now I have been getting positive tests for about 2 weeks and I should be about 4.5 weeks pregnant. I went to the dr yesterday because I kept bleeding and was nervous, they did a urine test and it was negative! It completely confused me and they did blood work and it came back with a HCG of 82. The doctor even said he was confused and didn't understand why it didn't show up on the urine test yesterday. So back tomorrow for more blood work I'm 99% sure this is a chemical pregnancy it's just very confusing... Has anyone had any similar situations... This will be my second within 3 months... 

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  • I'm confused, how have you had positive tests for 2 weeks when you are 4.5 weeks pregnant?
  • A lot of dr urine tests are super insensitive. 
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  • Perhaps your hcg is still decreasing from your mc. I know mine took about 2-3 weeks to go down completely and it delayed my first AF by over a week. 
    I have also been though two mcs in a short span. My thoughts are with you. 
  • After my positive test at home back in February, the urine test at my doctors office was negative but the blood test came back positive and I went on to have a positive until I had a MMC at 7 weeksish. Hopefully yours will turn out OK.
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  • This is another confusing thing I had been doing ovulation tests and they said I ovulated the 13th and I tested positive the 17th... Doesn't make sense...
  • Hi there. Sorry for this crappy situation. 

    I don't use opk's but see posters talk a lot about how HCG in your system can cause false positives. 

    i I had a MMC discovered at 12+4 and took more than 2 months to get negative blood HCG. I was getting positive on early HPTs until blood HCG was about 6. Maybe the dr is using a urine test with a sensitivity of 100? HPT aren't quantitative and are affected by urine concentration (dehydration or FMU, etc)

    Dont assume a cp if you weren't tracked to negative HCG through bloods.

    Best of luck getting to the bottom of it!
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    @ssublett09 OPKs detect hcg. If your hcg was still elevated it would give you a false positive opk. 
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