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Help!!! Diaper rash

My LO has some bad diaper rash thanks to antibiotics. The dr gave us some cream to use a few times a day but little girl still has some diarrhea going on. The dr said she should be fine in a day or 2 now that she's off the antibiotics and recommended yogurt.

We are using all the doctor recommendations and trying to let her go diaper free when home if possible. Are there any other things we can be doing at home to help her heal? 

I couldn't find a similar post and really needed help. Poor thing can't lay on her back at all because it's all the way up her bottom.

Re: Help!!! Diaper rash

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    Sorry, we've been spared cases of bad diaper rash but I wanted to offer my feel betters for your LO. I actually use a product called Anti Monkey Butt when LO starts to look red and like it a lot. It's got calamine in it to help soothe 
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  • I have that too and it seems to help some of it but not all. No idea why it's hanging on worse in some areas.
  • When LO gets a red butt we alternate between vaseline, desitin, and the AD for diaper rash.  We had a pretty good flare up from antibiotics a few weeks ago too.  Hope that rash heals soon.
  • Did they give you nystatin? It usually heals our antibiotic rash (yeast) over night. Regular creams and ointment won't help yeast. 

    Yogurt and bananas help with diarrhea too. I hate the side effects of antibiotics. I hope she feels better soon. 
  • Nystatin is helping some but we are just now getting to the point where she stays dry long enough for it to do much. She's looking better today. She managed yogurt and a good bit of bananas last night when we got home. 
  • Yogurt and bananas both give my LO diarrhea and blistering diaper rash that lasts for weeks. I have to slather and alternate extreme diaper cream. Her pedi told us to use a hairdryer to make sure the area is completely dry and make sure you put it on extremely thick. 
  • Hair dryer isn't a bad idea. She is obsessed with mine.
  • My ds had extreme diaper rash thanks to his old daycare. She would change him 1-2 times in an 8 hour day. Needless to say, he got pulled from there asap. Anyways, my pedi recommended layers to help keep him dry and repair the damage. He suggested first putting on lotramin (yes, the foot cream, it has special meds in it), then a high strength butt paste and finally a small amount of baby powder on top. The baby powder would absorb the poop and pee, giving the cream time to heal it! Good luck! It worked miracles for us! 

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  • Yes lotramin works wonders on a yeasty rash!
  • Coconut oil!!
  • We're doing a ton better today. Barely even crying. I'm hoping she's better by the start of the work week.
  • Aquaphor. I smear it on after each change and my LO has never had a diaper rash. 
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