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any tips on constipation 

Re: Constipation

  • DD1 has had terrible constipation on and off for over a year. Almost every BM is a struggle! She is not a big water or juice drinker and loves milk (which is very constipating) so I started watering down her milk. I make it 40% water, 60% milk. it has made a HUGE difference. I also try to limit the amount of salt in her diet. Her pediatrician said I could give her a tsp of laxative (like miralax) in her food/drink a day, but I didn't find that helpful. Hope you find somethings that works for your LO! Constipation is the worst!!

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  • Does your LO like fruit or even raisins? Mine would not eat fruit for a long time, but he ate a couple of different vegetables, sometimes.Without those veggies we would have been in trouble. I was glad when he finally started eating fruit. Occasionally he starts firming up too much, so I cut back on the dairy a little and try to get him to eat more fruit, except bananas. No bananas when he is constipated and I limit his banana consumption at other times.

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  • Sweet potatos! And I stil give my almost 3 year old pouches with spinach or really any green veggie bc he won't eat them normally. Both seem to help when he's having a hard time. And if he's pooping little nugs I put a lot of aquaphor on his bum- seems to help when he actually goes.
  • Apple juice works great for my DS2. As well as getting prunes in him, either juice or puree mixed into some apple sauce or yogurt.
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