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so since my ectopic was discovered Friday, I have had to call dr's office 3 times with symptom questions. They probably think I'm crazy.  Today's embarrassing question was regarding rectal pain... Lovely. I feel like if they sent people home with instruction sheets clearly laying out what to expect symptom wise, what warrants trip to ER or calling, common timelines, what not to do, etc it would have been very helpful! I know I'm irritable and frustrated- I'm so afraid still of rupturing.  It's just so scary when they send you home and you feel like you're on your own.... Anyone else feel like that? 

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    I had a D&E under general anesthesia- I'm not sure what they told me when I left. I barely remember getting home. My post-op sheet is unhelpful. Don't feel bad or like a crazy person for calling and if they give you a hard time I'd take that as a sign that it's time to find a new doc. My practice has been really good about answering my questions..
  • For sure.  It always astounds me how much we are expected to retain (or does no one care if we retain it?).  When I first found out about the loss, my OB just went into all this detail about the various options, how was I supposed to remember all that?  Don't feel bad about calling at all, as many times as you need (and if you need to call the on-call doc after hours, totally fine, too).  The vet we go to for my dog gives us such nice take home info--a special write-up about the visit and then standard sections about any meds/procedures she got--if only I had a doctor that did that for me.
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  • @BrightenMySky yeah...it's pretty bad when you get more instructions for a dog than a pregnancy loss. I had the same experience. 
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  • Yes. If I had not read on here about what to expect for a MC at home I would have been lost and completely surprised. 

    I called my Dr office with questions seriously every other day. It's their job. I didn't even care about feeling stupid. Usually the receptionist would start off bitchy and when she would ask what the subject of my question was about, as soon as I said "miscarriage" it was a total personality change. It pissed me off to no end. 
  • Don't feel bad in the slightest. I had to call so many times just to get them to tell me ANYTHING. And i got to a point where i didn't care about seeming crazy. They weren't doing their job. And it is their job to help you. Call as many times as you need.

    @BrightenMySky that's so funny that you bring up the vet. About 4 days after my mc i was complaining to my SIL about how unhelpful my dr's office was and that i was changing. 5 minutes later i noticed that my pup had a baby tooth that had broken and not come out so i called the vet and they said it should be ok, but that i was more than welcome to just stop on by and they would take a look at it to put my mind at ease. I hung up and told my SIL that i wished my actual Dr's office had been that helpful. Ridiculous.
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  • I can definitely relate. I had an unassisted miscarriage at home. I was at the doctor when I had just started to bleed and the instructions I was sent home with were: "It could be painful or it might not be. If you start hemorrhaging call 911 or go to the ER". Uhh thanks?

    I call my nurses line all the time for a variety of reasons. Never hesitate, that is exactly what they are there for. 

    And yes on the vet!
  • I did not have an ectopic but I hear you on the doctor's not giving a lot of information. I found out I had a MMC at 8 weeks, was given the options, chose Cytotec. They only told me how to administer it and what can happen. I took one dose vaginally and realized the next morning is came out. Called the office when they should of opened and preceeded to go straight to their voicemail for an hour and a half. Finally got the receptionist on the phone, explained I needed to ask about the medication prescribed for my miscarriage. She connected me to the nurse who asked what my medication was and was like oh so you are having an abortion, I was like no like I said before it is because I suffered a missed miscarriage. I then had to wait another 2 hours for her to call back after looking at my chart.

    Unfortunately I am not impressed with them scheduling my follow up either and they said there will be no special tests I will just be speaking to the doctor.

    I also agree with you all about the vets being more informative! When we had our dog spayed they gave a whole after care sheet and things to watch for. My vet even called to follow up the next day and two days after that. My OB hasn't called me once.
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  • Thanks ladies for letting me vent.  Thankfully OB sent me for more labs this morning after my new symptoms yesterday.  They have been very kind when I call, I'm just so sensitive and irritable right now and each time I call I get a different phone nurse and then I have to explain again who I am and why I'm calling. Just having to say it out loud again upsets me.   Only time will heal I guess.  Looking forward to getting through the physical part so I can fully deal with the emotional part. 
  • And so true about the vet!! Detailed sheet saying what they did, what to watch for, med info----so helpful! 
  • My old OB treated me like shit for calling often. They'd often forget to call me back. And were horrible. 
    I switched obs. 
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