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Help! Transitioning baby from swing to crib!

My son will be 10 weeks on thurs and he's still sleeping swaddled in his swing for both naps and nighttime. Does anyone have any tips for how to make this transition? My pedi suggested starting with just naps, but he freaks out when I put him in the crib or bassinet (swaddled). The longest he has slept is 30 min and then I had to move him to the swing to get him to finish his nap. I've tried putting him in the crib drowsy but awake and fully asleep after being rocked and neither has worked so far. 

 He will be starting daycare in two weeks and they don't allow swing sleeping, so I'd really like to at least have him comfortable with taking naps in the crib by then. 

Any help is much appreciated!! Thanks! 

Re: Help! Transitioning baby from swing to crib!

  • My girl isn't great at naps but bedtime she's a rockstar! We Swaddle, use a sound machine, and a heat pad. I got the $10 portable sound machine on Amazon and it goes in her crib. The heat pad is put down when I start rocking her and removed when I set her down. 
  • My sister put 2 rolled up receiving blankets under the sheet, sort of making a tunnel down the middle of the crib. I guess it helps them not feel like it's such a huge empty space to help with the transition. Maybe you could try that? Our little one, on the other hand, hates the swing with a passion :)
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  • My LO is 10 weeks and sleeps in his crib with rolled up towels under the sheet to somewhat cradle him and a pillow under the mattress so it's at a slight incline.

    Before that he slept in his swing or in his crib on a changing pad (with contoured edges) at an incline. Sounds crazy but it worked for him until he was about 5 weeks and I started to worry about him moving around. At 5 weeks we transitioned to the towel under the sheet and he did great.
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    I just started this transition today. And by started, I mean I tried to get her to nap in the crib and it failed miserably and now she's in the swing. The only other place she naps in the day is in her wrap.

    We're lucky at night, because I can get her to go down easily (most nights) with feed in dim light, swaddle, lights out, then rubbing her head and saying "shhhhhhh night night shhhhhh" a few times. I don't think her room gets dark enough for her to sleep during the day so upgrading to black-out curtains is my next try.
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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I will be trying the heating pad @Vamason89and I already have a sound machine. @EricaK28Is there anyway you could post a pic of your crib setup with the towels? Do you do it in a tunnel like @m6tonnersuggested or more of an oval / horseshoe shape? I def want to try that bc I think it could help him feel more comfortable. 

    Lol @l4rk- that sounds like how all my attempts have gone so far! Put baby in crib asleep, 20 min later he's screaming, then I rock him and put him in the swing to sleep :/ 
  • We have been doing the nap in the crib thing for the past couple weeks and the longest she sleeps is 30 minutes. The only way to get her to sleep longer is by her sleeping on someone or going on a walk with her. My DH and I went for a long walk yesterday plus my DH walked extra without me, and LO slept almost 3 hours total. I just don't get how she can do that and then go days with only 30 minute crib naps. I hope she's getting enough sleep! I can't walk her for 3 hours everyday  :|

    At least she's sleeping in the crib at all... She used to cry the second she got in there. Progress? I really hope the naps get longer.
  • Sorry for the delayed response. The app wouldn't let me post yesterday. 

    We do the horseshoe shape so he doesn't slide down the incline. Ill try to remember to post picture later today when he's not sleeping in it.
  • Something else we tried for a short period of time, was putting an infant insert from an extra swing under the sheet and he slept on that.  It was somewhat effective,  but I think it was because he wasn't at an incline then. An incline seems to be key for him. Good luck!
  • I have been in the same boat! My LO is 9 weeks old and has slept in her mamaroo since day one. She has always been such a big baby (9lbs10oz at birth and has gained steadily) she started lifting her body off the mamaroo so it was time to move her to the crib. I Googled best ways to do this, and came across the merlin magic sleep suit. I ordered it that same day from amazon for 40 dollars and when it arrived she slept 8 hours straight that night and has been sleeping 7 to 8 hours straight every night since then. Definitely worth the money! 
  • for my LO's last feed of the night, I put her in PJs and swaddle her, then feed her. She falls asleep on the boob and I put her in the crib; it seems to help her stay asleep all night. She's a terrible napper during the day unless she's being held but this routine has been working for a while for us for nighttime.
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