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SO incredibly frustrated.

So last night I thought my water broke...but I wasn't positive. Hubby and I had sex a few  hours before and after the 3rd time of peeing, I was walking down the hall afterwards (in shorts) and there was fluid running down my legs. Not a lot but not a little either. That was it for last night...no more leaking and no contractions. I had an apt with my OBGYN this morning and she swabbed me for amniotic fluid and did an ultrasound and said it wasn't my water. Fast forward a few hours while at work and the same thing happens again after I peed and was leaving the bathroom. It's done it twice in 3 hours now. I feel like I should go to the hospital after work to get checked out since I'm so close but I also feel like I'm becoming that girl who thinks she's in labor every time something happens. I'm about  3.5 weeks out from my due date. Anyone else experiencing this???

Re: SO incredibly frustrated.

  • No I'm not experiencing it, and something like that I would go to the hospital. It very well could have broke that time.
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  • I dunno but are you doing your kegels?
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  • My water totally broke in the hospital (I was supposed to be induced in a few hours), and the nurse swabbed and told me "it didn't break".  But it continued to leak out over the next several hours, so it definitely had. If you are clenching tightly and liquid is running down your legs, it's probably not pee unless you are a STM+ who has had issues with incontinence before.


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  • Do you need to go in when your water breaks? Can you just wait it out a bit and see if contractions start up?
  • Just to stir this issue back up.. 
    Yes, same thing happened to me yesterday. But I am almost 39 weeks. And I did go to labor and delivery because my OB suggested it. The nurse told me I was only 2, which I had been checked a week prior and was 3.. And that I wasn't 75% effaced like doc had said at the last visit. Swabbed me three times with different tests and said it wasn't my water. But I continue to have awful cramping and back pain. (Funny that my discharge papers said to return immediately if you had cramping or back pain...I told them before I left that I did.. Hmm.) No infection, not peeing myself.. Just looks like I'm sweating from my vagina. Gross, right?! And very, very frustrating! 
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