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Stay at home Dad?

Hey Guys, I tried searching but only saw results from other boards. Will anyone here have a stay at home dad instead of mom? My maternity leave is ending and my husband just resigned yesterday to stay home with our little one. I was wondering if anyone else was in the same boat, or had been in the past, and had any advice.

Me: 35, Hubbie: 33
Married DH: 2013
DD: Dec 2015
BFP 8/14/17 --> Due 4/27/2018

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Re: Stay at home Dad?

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    We had talked about it since DH was miserable at his job when I first got pregnant and since I make more, it would make sense for him to be the one to stay home if we decide to have someone do that.  But he got a promotion and is much happier, so we're going the daycare route for now.
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    lrayaslrayas member
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    I'm going back to work in two weeks and my husband will stay at home with LO. He works nights though. I feel SO much better about DD staying home with dad. I think it's going to be a great bonding experience. 
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    DH quit during my pregnancy and started a new job today. He fully intended to stay home and did for 10 weeks. I don't think he had the disposition to watch an infant full time, though it was amazing to have a partner with me at home. Your husband will be fine and have a great bond with LO!
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    I return to work when DD is 12 weeks where DH will be with her for six weeks. He stayed home the first two weeks also. He is extremely busy at work, may work some from home, and can have a short fuse. I know it will be best for her to be with DH rather than daycare. I too see pros and cons. Overall, the bonding between them will outweigh all. Also, DH will see how tough being home can be :) A bit of perspective never hurt anyone. 
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    My husband makes almost double what I make, but I carry our health insurance, so unfortunately we have to go the daycare route. I will have to go in on Saturday mornings, and my husband is sooooo excited for Daddy Saturday and is going to start his own little traditions with her. I love how excited he is, but so wish I could be there too! 
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    Lurking from Feb 16. My husband is a SAHD with our 2 year old daughter and will be with our newest LO too. He quit his job when DD was a few months old and has cared for her while I'm at work (I'm an attotrney). It works out great for us and I get to see both of them a ton. He brings her by my work all the time, we have lunch etc. it is also easier on me, as I can just leave for work in the morning and not have to worry about getting them ready or make arrangements for care if she isn't feeling well. We spent a long time thinking about it and making sure we could afford it. My H actually loves staying home, he is great with her and DD and I still have a really special relationship too. It is a sacrifice financially, but I don't regret the choice at all. 

    My advice would be to make sure your Husband really wants to do it and you can truly afford it. I tell my husband all the time if he doesn't want to do it anymore and wants to go back to work that is fine. I try to be supportive of him and want him to express how he feels. Hope this helps. 
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    My husband would LOVE to be able to stay home with LO. But unfortunately, living in New England means we need 2 incomes to survive, at least for now. However, I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts every 3rd weekend so it will be daddy and LO weekend time. I know he is excited to take her out and have that time all to himself. I am also making him stay home with her my first day back to work so he can bring her to me at lunch! I'm so jealous bc she will be in daycare 2 days a week instead of home with him. I'm sure it will go great and like pp said, the bond with be amazing. It will also help you out bc they will be able to spend time together without you having to worry how things are going bc he'll have it down!! 
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