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Has anyone had the FEMVUE?

Has anyone had the FEMVUE? I have an idea of what it entails but I was wondering, what level of discomfort should I expect?

Re: Has anyone had the FEMVUE?

  • Sorry, I posted in your intro about this as well.  I just had it on Tuesday.  They made me take 800 mg of ibuprofen before the test, as well as an antibiotic before and after that day just for extra precaution.  They first had me insert the imaging wand inside and the girl took pictures and then took it out and went to get the doctor.   Then the doctor came in and she used the speculum. She inserted a tiny tube and pumped some air to inflate a catheter/balloon.  Then took the speculum out and inserted the imaging wand.  Unfortunately my catheter wouldn't stay put, so then she had to use the speculum and put it back in.  She used the imaging wand and told me what she saw - that the uterus looked good, the ovary looked good, and that the tube was clear/functioning.  Then that was it.  I had to wear a pad for leakage but I didn't have much.  There was some pressure feeling/cramps, but honestly my menstrual cramps are a lot worse than that, and it didn't last long.  I'd say it felt a little off down there for the rest of the day, but not really pain, just felt different/maybe bloated feeling.   You will be fine!  I was so relieved that it was so easy.
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  • I wish my experience was as easy as yours was. The doctor had a hard time seeing my cervix because it was very high. I usually have a high tolerance for pain but this hurt because he was shoving the speculum all over the place. Ouch! Once he managed to do the test he found a polyp that is about 2 cm long. That is what he believes has been keeping me from getting pregnant. So, I'm scheduled for surgery in June (when school lets out for the summer). My fingers are crossed that I'll have a positive test by the end of summer. 
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  • Oh no, I'm so sorry for the experience and that you have to have surgery!!!  I do hate that speculum...she had to put it in and take it out more than they were supposed to because the catheter wouldn't stay in (and made an awkward farting noise!).  But I'm sorry for your experience.  At least you do have a possible answer to your issues, but surgery is never fun.  I hope this is all you need to get a BFP now!
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  • I'm sorry for your experience @marymuffins79
    Please do keep us updated. Xo
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  • that sucks @marymuffins79 ! But it's good that they can fix it for you!!  FX for fast healing and positive news thereafter!

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  • It's good to know what may have been preventing the BFPs. I'm sure you're not looking forward to surgery, but I hope that it helps get you KU this summer.  :)
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    Eeek! that does not pleasant. Hope surgery is smooth and easy; and fingers crossed for this summer! 
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