2nd Trimester

Minor Swelling at 23 Weeks

I know its common to notice calf/ankle/foot swelling around the 5th month, so I'm just taking a poll to see who here has experienced swelling. If you have, what are some helpful tips? 

I just noticed last night that my socks left indents around my ankles when they didn't used to! 

Re: Minor Swelling at 23 Weeks

  • Elevate your legs when you can to help with edema. Also, make sure you're appropriately hydrated. 
  • ^^ this. I retained a lot of water during my last pregnancy, and was being told to keep drinking more water. I don't eat a ton of sodium, but I still added salt here and there to different things that I would eat, and this pregnancy I am not doing that. I watch my sodium and I am not swelling nearly as much as I did the first pregnancy. 
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  • Lots of water and compression socks will help. Also elevating your legs when sitting down. 

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  • I don't have swelling but my midwife said the best way to help "clear" the fluids in your system is to lay down  with your feet up (don't just sit upright). That creates a direct line from your swollen feet/legs to your kidneys which assists them to do their job. Hope it helps!
  • I have swelling in one ankle, and I thought it was too early for that.  Also, I didn't think anything of it.  BUT make sure you are monitoring your ankles --- one can be a sign of different problems! After some tests, things are fine with me, but I was told lots of water and elevation whenever you can.  This is difficult for me being a Physical Education teacher haha, but my students are very cute and make sure I am paying attention to the swelling. Good luck!
  • My ankles/legs have been swelling more than normal...they usually swell anyway because of my long work days & no time to sit. Drinking more water definitely helps though!
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