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I am not breastfeeding...its just never worked for me.  This is the 3rd, so I am not going to even attempt.  I gave away all of my bottles (as this was 100% unexpected), and I am starting to buy stuff and I realized that I am "bottle clueless".  I always used Dr. Browns and I HATED the amount of parts.  Knowing that this baby is only bottle fed, and I refuse to go back to dr. browns, what is everyone else using?  And loves?  Hates?


Re: Bottles???

  • Are you ok with using plastic or would you like something with a glass or other material option? Did your kids have gas/colic issues? 

  • Thanks for posting this. I used Dr. Browns for DS and those are the only bottles I have experience with. They do have a lot of parts to clean, he seemed to like them though. I'm interested to see recommendations!

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  • Plastic is fine.  BPA free of course!
  • Honestly if your baby isn't picky, the cheap gerber ones actually held up nicely for my DD.  They were like $4 for a 3 pack.  Comes with a good lid that snaps on tight.  Maybe try those first and then go to fancier bottles if needed.  

  • Dr Browns does make a bottle now that has the optional middle flow piece. You can use it or take it out. Just in case they didn't have that when you had your first babies. 
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  • When DD was younger we used the playtex drop in liners. I loved them because we could just throw the liner away and only had to clean the nipple/lid. When she got older and gas wasn't much of an issue we went with the cheap gerber bottles that PP mentioned. They're super cheap and worked just fine. 
  • I love the Avnet bottles. The shape of the bottle was easier for DD to hold. We also used Dr Browns but wasn't a fan of all the parts (but I did like that it attached to my Medela PIS so I could pump into it). Gerber bottles were fine too and attached to PIS too. 
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  • Honestly if your baby isn't picky, the cheap gerber ones actually held up nicely for my DD.  They were like $4 for a 3 pack.  Comes with a good lid that snaps on tight.  Maybe try those first and then go to fancier bottles if needed.  
    Yup. Cheap Gerber bottles are what worked for my son. After trying many different kinds. 
  • We did tomme tippe and loved them. I hated all the parts to dr brown. 

    This time however I think I want to go with glass. 

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  • We used medela with DS, mostly because I was pumping and they fit my pump. This time I want to get wide mouth ones for when we do switch to formula (I plan on breastfeeding for 6 months but then am going to have to stop because of a lump removal). I hated trying to get formula into the medela bottles because the mouth was so narrow and it always spilled!

  • I used Playtex Ventaire and loved them. I'm using them again for the baby I babysit as well. I liked that they had other nipples to chose from if DD didn't like the one that came with (she used any nipple milk came out of lol, but was picky about pacifiers). Honestly, from the experiences I've had with Dr. Brown now I'm glad I picked the Playtex bottles. 
  • With the dishwasher baskets, I didn't think the Dr Brown's were that bad but to each her own. 
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  • Tommee tippee both the closer to nature and the anticolic were life savers for us with our now 19 sister and all my cousins all used them too.
  • @ginger819 I second the Playtex VentAire bottles! Those are the only bottles our dd loves right now. We have tried others and always come back to the VentAire. They do have multiple pieces to clean but I use the dishwasher baskets and it works great. I used these bottles with all 3 of our kids now and have never really had burp or gas issues.
  • I loved my Born Free bottles with DD. She never had gas or colic issues. I do think they revamped the bottle since then to "update"... 
  • I used the Avent natural bottles and seemed to like them! 

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  • Random... Dr Browns fit the Medela PISA (and a couple other brands) so you can pump directly in the bottles  B)
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  • I BF, but work full-time so I also pump. DS1 used the glass Dr. Brown's, granted he only ate 3-4oz while I worked and made up for it at nighttime.
    DS2 I used almost every bottle imaginable, well DH did. He was a complete bottle refuser...we tried Dr. Brown's, playtex, avent, born free, mimijumi, and como tomo. He had the slightest luck from como tomo as the bottle is silicone and you could squeeze the milk into his mouth. He ended up having to medicine dropper feed him :/ Which most was refused. Praying baby girl is better!
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  • We did tomme tippe and loved them. I hated all the parts to dr brown. 

    This time however I think I want to go with glass. 
    For glass, the top option is LifeFactory (love the sleeve it comes with and you can boil/heat/clean with the sleeve on).  But the nipple is large and my son was picky.  

    There are lot of other brands now coming out with glass!  They hold up well but there are different qualities of glass. 

  • Our doctor recommended the Breastflow bottles, but they can be hard to clean and get kind of funky, even with regular sterilization. We're going to try a few Comotomo bottles this time around to see if we want to make the leap. I think Dr. Brown's has a new wide-necked bottle with fewer parts, too. 
  • We loved the Avent bottles - minimal, easy to clean parts and no leaks.  We ALWAYS had leaks with Dr. Brown's bottles, and the parts were a pain in the butt.

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  • We used the playtex with the bottle liners.  Best decision ever. So easy to clean. 100% using them again this time. 
  • I also have always used the Playtex nursery with drop in liners. I have also on occasion used the Avent bottles,  but I mostly used them with my breast pump. 
  • I went through almost every bottle brand with DD1 and we loved Dr. Brown's. I guess I became a pro at unassembling the parts because I didn't think about it and it became 2nd nature :o) I would wash & throw them in a microwavable sterilizer
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  • I'm hoping to bf and pump, mostly pump. I plan on using the kiinde system. Love it and the fact that it's recyclable. I love that they are expanding their products as well. 
  • LOVE Tommee tippee.... don't like how fast the newborn one was but I think they slowed them down since I've had my son... and I never ever had leaking issues. 
  • I'm looking into purchasing the AVENT classic plus bottle which are said to be anti-colic , like Dr. Brown's, but without all of the parts.  Any momma's here have experience with the AVENTS?
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  • I used the Avent classics with DD who is 6 now.  I think I am going to use the naturals this time around. I like the look of the natural nipple vs the classic. I think it will work well while breast feeding. 
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