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How much and how often does your formula fed 10.5 week old eat?

My baby girl will be 11 weeks Saturday. I was advised by her pediatrician that she should be consuming about 4-5oz of formula every 4-6 hours. I was just curious of how often everyone else's little ones are eating at this age. 

Re: How much and how often does your formula fed 10.5 week old eat?

  • Mine little girl is almost 10 weeks (really shes 9.5) and she currently eats 4oz every 4 hours. Now at night before bed she may have a 3 hr span and overnight she goes anywhere from 3-7 hour stretched (so inconsistent). She has 6-7 4oz bottles a day and has for a while. Shes an eater. The way I see it every baby is different. I feed her what she needs when she needs it. If shes hungry before the 4 hour mark I'll feed her. Ive read that a rule of thumb is 2.5oz/pound of baby. Mines 12lbs so 30oz but she doesnt eat that much. We have tried giving her 5oz and she eats it but alwayssss spits up way more then usual so we figure shes over eating and stuck to 4. 
  • 9.5 weeks, 11 pounds 
    LO eats 5oz every 4 hours during the day (4 bottles total for "day time"). 1-2 3oz bottles at night. Typically will sleep anywhere from 5-6 hours at a time at night. I'll also feed sooner than 4 hours if he seems hungrier during the day. 
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  • DS is 15w tomorrow.  We just increased his feedings to 5 oz. from 4.5 oz.  His 1 bottle that he eats during the night is a 4 oz. bottle.  Pedi. told us that it's good to give them less at night and to slowly decrease the amount (very slowly) to eventually ween them off of the nighttime feeding.  At this point though, his "early morning" feeding is anywhere from 12 a.m.-1 a.m.  So for us, I don't plan on taking it down any further for a while.  Otherwise he'd be up around 4-5 wanting to eat again.

    He eats 5-6 bottles a day.  Sometimes he will have 7.  He goes anywhere from 3-4 hours between a feeding to 5-7.  He even went 9 hours once, because he was still sleeping from the previous night. How that happened, is beyond me.  
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    My little one eats 5 oz a bottle every 2-4 hours during the day. My pedi isn't concerned w the frequency as he is gaining just fine. He spits up a lot ("happy spitter") which I think is why he can't go longer between feedings. He usually has 7 or 8 bottles a day.

    He's been doing a 7-9 hour stretch of sleep at night though!
  • My 12 wo is eating 5 oz every 1-2 hours depending on time of day. Pedi isn't concerned and says as long as he isn't spitting up. He is a super happy baby as long as he is fed and his schedule is predictable. I've tried to space it out more but he is super miserable if I do and it's not worth it. He just has a huge appetite but my formula cost is insane!  On the plus side, he's been sleeping consistently through the night for a month now.  :)
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    6 oz every 3 hours on average! 
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  • We are doing 6oz every 4 hrs and is giving us 8-9hrs at night. I am hoping this routine continues when I go back to work in 2 weeks. LO is 10 weeks today. 
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  • My LO is drinking about 5-6 ounces every 4 hours or so. Sometimes she'll have a "snack" in the morning of 2 ounces before her next full feed. She has her last bottle between 5-6pm (we stretch it out) and then will sleep 12 hours until 6am the next morning. If she does wake up overnight she'll usually be happy with 3ounces but, she's only been waking up recently cause she's got a cold so I'm feeding her anyways to keep her hydrated.  

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  • My 11 week old is about 11 pounds and eats 3-4.5 ounces every couple hours.  Once in a great while she will eat 5. Not very often. 
  • 9 weeks and some change and when I pump I get 3 - 4 oz. I still make 2 oz formula bottles because he doesn't really do a full 4 oz. 
    he eats often though. So maybe every 2 hours?
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