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Sleep deprivation survival

Anyone still on the struggle bus? Like me? Coming out of the 3rd leap/12wgrowth spurt and so dang tired... DD was back to 1-2 hour stretches. Most we've ever had was 4ish hours though, before that.

How are you surviving? It's really catching up to me after a week of this. She's EBF and I'm seriously hoping something gives soon. I wish I could nap but it's really hard for me, my brain doesn't shut off. 

It it will get better, right?!  :'(

Re: Sleep deprivation survival

  • 4 weeks of this so far and I think my body is getting used to it. Just running on coffee. You are not alone.
  • Mizuiro007Mizuiro007 member
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    DD slept through the night starting 10 weeks, let me get used to that. Now the last few days she's up to every three hours at night if she's held, for a few weeks it's been hourly. She's ebf as well and caffeine isn't an option for me if I want to stay awake.

    I can't sleep without bedsharing and just can't sleep that way. On top of it I'm up with DS all day so no naps. 2-3 broken hours of sleep a night for weeks is very much getting to me.

    ETA I find baths help me some. I take one with DD in the mornings when hubby is home and can take DS. Also I snack a lot. Food=fuel
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  • As crazy as this sounds..exercising in the morning gives me energy for the day. Stay hydrated! You won't believe how much energy you gain just by drinking enough water. Hang in there. DD just finished a terrible growth spurt.
  • dec15mumdec15mum member
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    Yesss we're just coming out it now, last night he woke up once during a 11 hour sleep- it was bliss! But he's almost 14 weeks and during the last 2 weeks it has been every hour or 2 until 6am.
    What made it worse is that SO doesn't wake up during the night or morning for him and then tells people he's so tired blah blah blah!
    I would probably just collapse without my cups of tea 
  • I bed share during those nights. Sometimes it comforts DD to be close. This weekend she slept on me from 10 pm to 6:30 am with 2 wake ups. Sometimes when she starts to stir I either give her a paci or pat her until she settles down again. 

    I don't know how I survive each day. My hope for sleep each night hasn't been totally squashed just yet. That's probably what gets me through.
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    What makes it worse is the email from the Bump today (12w) saying "your baby is probably sleeping through the night now.." What a joke! I'm definitely on the coffee-water-food cycle, and I'd bed share cause I'm desperate, but now I'm so exhausted it's REALLY not safe. She's going in her crib tonight (as opposed to our room in her bassinet) with her new Magic Merlin sleep suit and I'll pray... 
  • Lol sleeping through the night. Mine did one 5 hour stretch one night weeks ago and that was it. It's usually 3 hours but can stretch to 4, then the rest of the night it can be every 20 mins but sometimes 2 hours, basically there is no rhyme or reason. I'm not really coping great with the sleep deprivation when it's at its worse, but I do have one cup of coffee a day now, and eat chocolate at like 7am feeling sorry for myself lol. I reintroduced dairy a week ago and it's gone well, so I am thankful for that.
  • I can't understand how some babies can sleep 11 hours! Why can't mine sleep 6?!? Lol
  • My son used to sleep "great", only waking up around 2am and at 6am but then that 3rd leap, 3 month growth spurt happened AND he started teething. Now I'm wondering if I'll just never get sleep again until he has  all his teeth. 

    Last night I nursed him for AN HOUR AND A HALF straight at 1am and of course as soon as I lay him in his bassinet asleep he wakes up and starts crying. I just cursed to myself that I'm not an f-ing milk machine, I'm a person too!! Anyways, I survived because my husband got up and took him. Of course as soon as he set him down 30 min later he started crying again so in the end it's only the boob that can put him out  :| rip sleep
  • Gingermom15Gingermom15 member
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    During Henry's 12 week leap/growth spurt he woke up in the beginning every 30 minutes to eat, then every hour and then every two hours. He stuck with the two hour night eating for a week. The whole ordeal lasted from around 14 weeks to 17 weeks. He's 18 weeks old now and starting to sleep in longer stretches, he went for 4 hours last night and the 6 more after a quick feeding. Hang in there ladies, it gets better. Do whateve you need to do in order to survive the hell. 
  • @rachel10488 oh my, that's like a newborn nursing session :grimace: longest for me right now is 40 mins
  • I am honestly contemplating taking half a day of vacation tomorrow to go home and sleep for 4 straight hours because of this. 
  • I am honestly contemplating taking half a day of vacation tomorrow to go home and sleep for 4 straight hours because of this. 
    You should totally do it. I go back to work next week and hoping to get this "solved" before then (yea right)
  • I'm glad to read this thread. Glad I'm not the only one experiencing serious sleep deprivation. I started back at work a week ago and everyone is asking how she is sleeping. As if the bags under my eyes don't answer that question.  Ditto to lots of coffee water and food.
  • Many days I am jealous of those who don't breastfeed (or at least those who breastfeed and don't have LOs sensitive to caffeine. I would be on coffee and pop all day long to fight this sleep deprivation if I could.

    Chocolate and sympathy is all that keep me going.
  • Thank goodness I've got a bag full of Easter chocolates beside where I usually nurse. 3 Month growth spurt has me up at least every 3 hours overnight, I'll need that AND a pot full of coffee. I usually find exercise to help but have been too tired to consider it 
  • My son is a fatty and has to eat every 3-4 hours at night. Plus he has acid reflux. Plus he fights sleep hard. You can probably imagine how much sleep I get. I'm tired of people going it gets better at a month. It gets better at two. It gets better at three. He's 15 weeks. Not much improvement. Ugh.
  • @LaceyH13 Chocolate has caffeine. For me, I can't have caffeine anyway so I feel your pain but I figure it's probably better for me in the long run than depending on it.
  • @LaceyH13 Chocolate has caffeine. For me, I can't have caffeine anyway so I feel your pain but I figure it's probably better for me in the long run than depending on it.
    I know. The amount in chocolate by itself is fine but apparently not combined with other caffeine, like pop or coffee. I can give those up for now, but definitely not the chocolate.
  • 4 months old and babe is waking up alot. Ugh.
    I take a nap when he does. Decaf coffee. Husband will take.him in the morning before he goes to work so I can sleep buy I pump and formula feed so have more freedom
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