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My daughter was exposed to chickenpox

in class. (Just got an email) My kids are all vaccinated, except for the baby. What are the chances the baby will catch it? 

Feels like a common core math question. Lol. 
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Re: My daughter was exposed to chickenpox

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    AchaeAchae member
    Hopefully it's slim, I know growing up our parents would take a rag from the infected kid and wash all the kids faces in the hopes they would catch it too, and even then none of the kids caught it, only mom :)
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    klbhklbh member
    Hope you escape! But I was just talking to a mom of a six-month-old who just got it. She said it wasn't nearly as bad as she expected, since her daughter obviously couldn't scratch yet and didn't understand what was going on. In her case it wasn't much worse than a fever + crankiness. Good luck, though! 
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