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How often are you bathing your LO?

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How often are you bathing your LO? 136 votes

Every night
16% 22 votes
Every other night
28% 39 votes
Twice a week
41% 56 votes
Once a week
13% 19 votes

Re: How often are you bathing your LO?

  • 2 or 3 times a week. We do his face, neck and hands everyday though. 
  • I clean his face, neck and hands daily as well with just a wet washcloth. We usually bathe him 2-3 times a week. He really likes bath time, so if he's having a fussy evening, we'll plop him in the water for 10 minutes or so.
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  • Im with @missmhemhe if LO is ip upset a bath calms her down. But normally 2-3 times a weeks.
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  • Same as PP.  Bath time is now calming for LO, so we will give him one if we feel it'll help him settle into bed easier.  Otherwise, we do 2-3 times a week.
  • We decided to have a bath be part of our bedtime routine, so we do it (almost) every day-- unless he's clearly tired in which case we skip it in favor of getting to bed sooner. He likes it! We do infant massage a few times a week so hopefully that helps his skin not get too dried out. 
  • We started with twice a week, but DD has a ton of hair. It really needs washing every other day. Luckily, she loves bath time!
  • We started with every other day, and my LO developed some really bad baby acne. A friend recommended cutting back on baths (something about the warm water opening up their pores) and it cleared right up! So now we bathe once a week or after a blow out, and wash face and hands every morning. 
  • Pediatrician suggested that we bathe him every night, so we try to do that. He likes baths now and we enjoy that time with him so it's a good bedtime routine. 
  • kaym6kaym6 member
    We do baths every night as part of his nighttime routine because he loves them not because he needs them lol 
  • I have a question for those of you with LOs that love bathtime.  Our seems to enjoy the bath part, but he screams bloody murder as soon as we take him out to dry him off.  He doesn't usually calm down until I nurse him.  Any advice on making the drying off process a little less terrible?
  • LO's hair is super fine and seems to get greasy looking every other day so that's how often we bath him. He loves it and his skin seems to be tolerating it fine, plus I apply lavender lotion as part of our daily bedtime routine so I'm not worry about drying him out. 

    @nackie I don't know what you usually do but I use a towel to bundle him up like a loose swaddle and cuddle him for a bit and he's usually mostly dry by the time I dress him. My LO LOVES being naked though so it's not that difficult for us haha
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  • I give her a bath every night as part of establishing a bedtime routine. The water relaxes her. 

    @nackie my LO is exactly the same way. I usually try to use two bath towels or a blanket and bundle her up right away. I also use a space heater until the room is almost uncomfortable because she hates that cold wet feeling so much. When I lotion her I try to do it under the towel as much as possible. That combination helps a little but not completely. 
  • @nackie we had the same problem and experimented with putting him in different things right out of the bath-- a few different towels and even blankets of different fuzziness. There's only one he didn't cry with so we use that. Tonight he even smiled in it! Just trial and error and eventually we got it right. 
  • @nackie we're currently recovering from our after bath episode. She's the same way... I hold her as close to me as I can to use as much of my body heat as possible to help warm her up when she's wrapped. 
  • We bathe DS 2 or 3 times a week. We give my 2.5 year old a bath every night though, so once DS can sit on his own pretty well we will probably bathe them together every night.

    @nackie we keep the bathroom really warm and keep the door closed. Then I wrap DS in a towel right away. He does usually start screaming once we get to the next (colder) room though lol
  • @nackie we use a small heater that blows hot air. I set a blanket and all clothes I aper and supplies on the floor next to the heater and turn it on 80 when I'm getting the bath ready. It's nice and toasty after bath for lotion diaper and pjs :)
  • I bathe LO every night. There is nothing like a fresh-smelling baby to me! I can't stand it when babies smell "sour." I'm not saying that babies all babies who don't get bathed every night stink, but my baby is a spitter, so she would be pretty smelly if she didn't get bathed frequently. It is also part of our nighttime routine. Baby girl knows that a bath, a feeding, and swaddling equals bedtime. I asked me pedi about the frequency, and she said that as long as LO's skin wasn't getting dry, she was okay with it. We use an organic, all natural shampoo/body wash, and it has been very forgiving on her skin. In fact, I think she's TOO oily sometimes. If she doesn't get a bath every day, she gets really greasy! 
  • Add us to the stinky hair club! 
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  • Every other night for us. She likes bathtime! Soothes her and makes her fall asleep quick 
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  • @nackie if you don't have a space heater like everyone is suggesting, just try throwing whatever towel you want to use in the dryer for 5-10 minutes before bathtime! 
  • Thanks for all the suggestions, we have been using a space heater to warm up the room and using a warm towel, but maybe we need to up it a bit.  Tomorrow is bath night, so I'll give it a try.
  • Ugh I really wish LO liked baths, but she hates them! I would love to give her a bath every night as part of our bedtime routine, but we only do 1-2 times per week because she cries the whole time.
  • @nackie My LO hates being dried off too! We wrap her up tight in a warm towel but she still wails until she can be dressed and cuddled. 
  • @fishee333 my LO is the same way! It's such a struggle! 
  • We do hair, face and hands everyday (hair gets so greasy and it bothers her dad) and real baths twice a week.

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