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Tips for someone planning to be a SAHM?

Hi, i'm lurking from the December BMB. I am planning on leaving my job after the baby is here and solely working from home. My job from home is a blessing but it pays hardly anything, but better than nothing. Me quitting my "day" job will be a significant loss in income, but considering the cost of daycare's in the area it would eat up 75% of my take home pay anyway so really not worth it. Any tips for budgeting/planning for the next 8 months? Anything you wish you knew before you became a SAHM?
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Re: Tips for someone planning to be a SAHM?

  • I agree with the PP. Live on your husband's income now and save yours. I found it really helpful to have a budget and track expenses each month so we knew where money was going. You'll need to save some room in the budget for baby expenses as well. Being a stay at home mom is a gift, and I would never trade it, but it is lonely at the very beginning. My mom is retired but lives far away, so I ended up talking to her a lot during the day when the baby was sleeping. That helped a lot.
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  • Look up Mr. Money Mustache. It's a fantastic site with a lot of out-of-the-box ways to cut down on spending. 

    I I also agree with PPs. It can be lonely, so look for mom groups and other local moms. 
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    After we found out we were pregnant with our third baby, my husband and I decided that financially we could no longer afford daycare. It was going to cost $300+/ week to keep all my babies in day care. I would pretty much be working just to pay someone else to watch my kids! I was nervous but I put in my notice and became a stay at home mom. It was one of the best decisions ever!! I still struggle daily, but it's so worth it. I'm not gonna lie when I tell you it won't be hard at first, because it is. I couldn't believe how different my children seemed to act with just mommy around. Also, I missed working and felt like all I did was lay around the house. My biggest advice is make a schedule, and keep it! It will help you get up and stay productive. Good luck!
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