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April 3rd my babygirl will be 3 months old and I still have not had a period. I am an exclusive pumper for her. My OB said breastfeeding would make it all messed up. Any of you have your periods back yet and when did it come back? I'm not to worried about it but at the same time I've always been regular when it came to my periods.

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  • Not here yet and not expecting it until I'm done breastfeeding. With my first it didn't come back until about two months after dd weaned completely. That being said I'm still glad to have my IUD. ;)
  • Week 4. (I think) 
    9 weeks today and nothing since. 
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    I asked my midwife about this at my previous check up & she said it could take up to a year.

    I'm almost 10 post & no period. I primarily breastfeed & supplement some because of a low supply issue that I'm working on.  
  • We will be 3 months on 4/5 and nothing yet. He gets about 2/3 bm, 1/3 formula and I'm fighting hard to get it to 100%! I'm hoping it stays away for a while! lol
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  • I'm eff my daughter whose 8 weeks old and still nothing here! I just started bcp that only gives me 4 periods a year so since I didn't get it before starting the pills I'm not expecting one for another 91 days - not that I'm complaining! 
  • EBF and no period! She's 12w
  • Stopped breastfeeding at 4 weeks got mine at week 7. 
  • 13 weeks and no period. Ebf. Last baby I didn't get it until he was 12 months old :smile: and weaning. 
  • l4rkl4rk member
    I'm EBF and still got my period around week 6. It was the heaviest flow I've had in years.
  • With both previous kiddos no period until after weaned at 12 months.
  • son is 12 weeks .. breastfeeding still hasn't had mine. 
  • I'm EBF and got mine back at 6 weeks :(
    Then some light spotting 2.5 weeks later but, thankfully,  no period again since. I went through a very stressful event and the Dr thinks that may be the cause of the period.  
  • With my daughter I got mine back 10-11m pp when she really got into solids and dropped her 3am feed. I'm ebf at 10wk pp with ds no sign of aunt flow. But I'm a bit worried he sleeps like five hour stretches at night. And I think that may trigger something sooner.
  • Ebf and dd is 13 weeks. No period yet 
  • EFF and I got mine the day before he turned 8 weeks. 
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  • pkpppkpp member
    Eff not mine yet she is going  to  be  3 month on4/2...
  • I'm 14 weeks pp, no sign of a period. Hoping it doesn't make an apperiance till I'm done breastfeeding! 
  • EBF 10 wks today and no period yet. With DS1 I EPed for 11 months. I got my periods around 6 months.
  • Mine has arrived .... happy and annoyed . I'm 3 months pp
  • OMG it's a freaking title wave by the way.... so happy I kept my hospital supplies and Mongo pads. 
  • Baby is 3 months today and no period yet.  I am BFing and baby sleeps through the night but still no sign of it.
  • KFrobKFrob member
    I got my period today! It's been exactly 3 months. I EP. Sigh I was hoping for a bit longer but it was a nice period free year. 
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