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Pediatrician office question:

carlyhammondcarlyhammond member
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Ok, I love my sons doctor, I love their office... But I HATE the nurse that is assigned to our pediatrician. 
Sometimes they rotate nurses and I'll get a good one, but the past three times we've gone we had the same lady. She's older, and I don't like how she handles LO. 
1. She baby talks to LO 
2. She recommended using  a glass thermometer for rectal temps ( that's a big no-no they can break ) 
3. When LO had his first shots, she squeezed his legs so hard he had bruises on his knees/legs. I really wish I took pictures of it..

Reasons 1-2 aren't important like I can ignore that. It's 3 that bothers me. i really don't want her has our nurse- is it frowned upon to request we don't have her as a nurse? she makes SO and I both uncomfortable and I don't want her to touch LO- or can I request to not let her give shots.. 
I really don't want to switch doctors but I don't want that nurse at all.. I need to call their office because I have questions but I don't even want her advice...

Am am I being picky- probably 
but I don't know what to do about it. 

Re: Pediatrician office question:

  • kayyyy13kayyyy13 member
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    Whats wrong with baby talking?
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  • kayyyy13 said:
    Whats wrong with baby talking?
    Nothing really, I mean I do it to LO sometimes. 
    Its probably just the way she does it. 

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  • That is your child and it's what you feel comfortable with. I would have an issue with any health care professional leaving marks on my baby unless it was unavoidable. She is using too much force and I would have a big problem with that! You are mom and you know better than the nurse for your kiddo! Do what you feel needs to be done and don't feel bad at all! You are advocating for your kiddo! 
  • I work in a health center - patients request not to have certain assistants for a variety of reasons, its much more common than you think. Depending on the office, you could either speak privately with the pediatrician or call and ask to speak with the practice director. 
  • I had to make an appointment and I requested not to have that specific nurse, they told me they would make a note. 
    So hopefully that will work. 
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