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STM+ Baby napping Locations

DS is 3 months old today yay! And has yet to nap anywhere but on me, car seat, or bouncy etc.( which I am fine with). He was colicky and it is finally gone so we were just trying to ride it out. I also have a 3 yr old DD who has been really understanding and great through it all. I put him down or plan to leave at about 1-1.5 hiours after he has been awake so I follow that but he doesn't have a set schedule yet. I like that he is flexible bc I'm taking and dropping off DD at school twice plus running around with her. I guess I wondering if you all are finding it easier to push having baby nap in crib or if it's good that they go with the flow? 

Re: STM+ Baby napping Locations

  • I let DS nap wherever he can, and that is usually the bouncer chair next to me on the couch after he eats. I can put him down in the crib for naps, but it's not necessary for me. I pushed it with DD only because she would only fall asleep and nap on me and it was hard for me to get anything done. I don't have that problem with DS. 


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  • My DD usually sleeps on me or in her rock n play sleeper. When I worked from home, she slept in her bouncer next to me, and I have a feeling that she ends up sleeping in the bouncer at daycare. it makes me a little nervous, since it's not ME that's watching her, but I know it's tough to keep her asleep if she's moved around, so I'm ok with it.

    I'm still sleeping on the couch in the recliner, and for half of the night, DD will sleep on me while she nurses. My older daughter who is 5 has been coming down in the middle of the night and sleeping next to me, but this morning, she elbowed DD in the head in her sleep - twice! Nothing serious, but it looks like we need a new sleeping arrangement....

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  • Either in her pack and play in our living room or our bedroom. We've tried to avoid letting her sleep on us. I've got my 2 yr old and my 3 month old on similar afternoon nap schedules. 2 yr old sleeps from 1230-330 and my 3 month old sleeps for 1.5 hrs in the time as well.
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