March 2016 Moms

Post Partum Check-in

Ok March mommas, tell us how it's going! 

Due Date/Actual Delivery Date:

Post Partum pains:


What are you doing at the moment?

GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? 

Re: Post Partum Check-in

  • Due Date/Actual Delivery Date:  March 6/February 28

    Post Partum pains:  Still some slight bleeding (need a light liner) and pelvic pain.  No longer 'clacking' like I was  at first but I'm still not totally back to normal.  Definitely a lot of diastasis recti.  I can't sit up in a crunch without pain.  Anyone know how long to wait post partum before starting exercises that will help with the DR?

    Successes?  LO gained 2lbs from his first appointment to his 2 week appointment.  Shazam!  Boobs for the win.

    What are you doing at the moment?  Nursing.  Duh lol.  It's a full time job.  Schedule schmedule.  But really, just enjoying having this LO as close as possible 24/7 (he's warm,  I'm cold).  My hormones are so weird right now!  DH had his urologist appt scheduled to set the date for his vasectomy, and I was in total agreement before baby was born, and now I'm freaking out that he's going to do it and no more sweet babies for me.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma?  So many of my friends have the adorable toddler kissing newborn photo.  My DS1 couldn't care less.  The closest he gets to acknowledging DS2 is poking him and saying 'baby'.  He won't come near me when I hold the baby.  Totally not expecting this aloofness.  I'll be glad to see interaction when LO is bigger.
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    Hi ladies! I am sorry to say I haven't been active here since I poas. I hope you don't mind if I join you?

    due date: 3/27 - baby #2 Liam born on 3/23 @6:58 pm

    post partum pains: everything down below. I retore from when I had ds1.

    successes: nursing is going great. It's been much easier this time around.

    what I am doing: sleeping baby on my lap. Dh just put our 2 yo down for a nap and I'm freaking out how I'm going to do all this by myself when he goes back to work Wednesday. Ds2 had been having nursing marathons lately and I'm so sleep deprived. I feel bad for my toddler and that is weighing me down.

    GTKY- I'm shocked how well ds1 is adjusting. He really loves his brother and hasn't shown much jealousy yet. 
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    BFP #2 - 2/13/13 - EDD 10/24/13 - born 10/29/13 - Kian Edward

    BFP #3 - 7/16/15 - EDD 3/27/16 - born 3/23/16 - Liam James

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    Love it!  Hope you join in more!!!  Welcome Liam! 
  • Due Date/Actual Delivery Date: March 17/March 13

    Post Partum pains: Pooping is still ridiculous. I've been getting headaches for the past few days that are probably a combo of hormones and sinus problems. 

    Successes? Breast feeding is less painful now, and I didn't cry on Saturday. I'm getting more confident about caring for a toddler and a newborn, but it's still tough for sure.

    What are you doing at the moment? Glancing at the half-finished laundry on the couch, watching "Up" with DS (terrible movie for hormonal folk, BTW), and holding my sleeping, colicky DD.

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? Hard to pick just one, but it's DH. He's treating me so well since I gave birth. During my pregnancies and during the PP time with DS, he was aloof and helped very little. He seemed surprised when my OB and the pediatrician told him that my body was under a ton of stress and I needed help doing stuff.
    This round, he's concerned about my sleep and healing. He's kissed me everyday since DD was born, been encouraging, and helps with both kids daily. He's even helped me through a couple crying spells. It's been crazy surprising to say the least and makes me try harder to be a better mom.
  • Due Date/Actual Delivery Date: 3/8, 3/17

    Post Partum pains: hemorrhoids galore, and some itching where my stitches were. Otherwise good! I've been shocked at how much quicker recovery has been, even with the same degree of tearing as DS1

    Successes? I'm getting close to pumping a full feeding of milk each session! DS has an overly strong suck reflex that gave me blisters right away, so I've been on "nipple rest" to let them heal. Pumping full time to increase my supply us not been easy, but I'm finally starting to see some progress!

    What are you doing at the moment? Holding DS2 while DS1 plays on my iPad. I'm just trying to survive right now haha

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? I expected to have an easier time nursing since DS was so difficult, but I'm not :( I expected to have a harder time with the sleep deprivation, but I'm actually doing well so far! It helps that my MIL stayed for a full week and took DS at night so I could sleep- I just had to wake up to pump. And I didn't realize how much DS1 would test my patience!


  • Due Date/Actual Delivery Date: March 3/March 3

    Post Partum pains: The discomfort of my stitches have passed so nothing now. It would be nice if the discharge would stop...

    Successes? This may not be seen as a success for everyone... Breastfeeding didn't work out as planned, no matter what I have tried, I only get about 8 oz a day. So my success is that I have come to terms with the fact that DS will be mostly supplemented with formula. At least he's getting some breast milk everyday even if it is not what I had planned/hoped for

    What are you doing at the moment? DS is sleeping on my chest while we watch a little food network :)

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? I have been very lucky to have DH home with us since birth. We both go back to work Monday, him physically and me from home but will be going into work with LO starting next week... I am a little worried how DS and I will manage considering how much teamwork DH & I put in each day taking care of the little guy. So my expectations of being just the 2 of us for the next few months before DS starts daycare have drastically changed since before DS was born.
  • Due Date/Actual Delivery Date: Mar.14th/Mar.14th

    Post Partum pains: ripped stitches & possible fractured tailbone. also suffering from baby blues.

    Successes? me & my SO started going for a walk with the LO, which has been helping my mood tremendously. 

    What are you doing at the moment? watching a movie, dying of tummy pains while LO is out with my SO & MIL. 

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? I'm not really sure.. i had NO idea what to expect. i guess i was kind of expecting to enjoy this first bit more, even though it's hard. i love my little man, but all i find myself thinking about is when he'll be older & this will be easier.
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    Due date/actual delivery date: March 16/March 8
    Postpartum pains: slight bleeding and very ichy around incision
    Successes: Our son has been very good with his new sister
    What are you doing at this moment? We are up with two kids at 3 am.
    GTKY: I am a STM and I forgot about the sleep that I will not get with having a newborn. I miss it very much. Thank God for maternity leave.
  • Due Date/Actual Delivery Date: March 17 / March 15

    Post Partum pains: Still some light bleeding. Itchy stitches. I have vasospasm of the nipple, so my nipples always feel like they are burning!

    Successes? After 2 weeks of breastfeeding, I decided to EP again. It was a hard decision, but it worked best with DD1 and I feel it will again with DD2. I'm currently pumping about 42oz a day (up from 30oz a day last Sunday- my first day EPing), and I'm freezing between 15-20oz a day, which I think is great!

    What are you doing at the moment? Watching Kelly and Michael while DD2 snoozes in the Mamaroo and DD1 is coloring :)

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? DD1 transitioned into the big sister role super easily! She loves helping! I thought she'd be a little jealous, but perhaps she's too young to feel that way (she's 2). Still working on developing a morning routine. I typically don't have everyone ready for the day before 11am... 

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  • Due Date/Actual Delivery Date: Due March 20th. Delivered on March 25th at 4:47 AM with induction.

    Post Partum pains: hemorrhoids for real. Still having some soreness in my stitches. Definitely itching some. 

    Successes? I really hate to brag but I'm already back into jeans and only using a panty liners instead of the big pads. LO is nursing so well and I think that really helped me lose the weight. He is a pro breast feeder! We got really lucky and we know it! 

    What are you doing at the moment? Laying on the couch with my 1 week old sleeping on my chest while NCIS plays as background noise. My mom told me I need to be resting while he sleeps so she ran to the grocery store and I'm enjoying my rest. :)

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? We are blessed with a fairly easy baby. I'm still exhausted. But none of this is living up to all the crazy fears I had. And I'm totally okay with that. We have a perfect, happy, healthy, beautiful baby boy. I am unbelievably thankful. 
  • Due Date/Actual Delivery Date: March 3rd / February 28th 

    Post Partum pains: No pain from delivery but I have horrible, painful hives under my arms and I feel like I'm catching the flu....which all started when I got back on birth now I get to play Hormones or Allergies. 

    Successes? Getting my house completely packed and moving 400 miles away with a newborn. Granted my mom kept her for 2 nights while I did it, but it was still a way bigger job than before. 

    What are you doing at the moment? Laying on the couch and snuggling with my girl

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? The sleep deprivation and how frustrated I would get with being up multiple times a night. I don't want to wish away the newborn stage, but I can't wait to sleep again.  And that I could lose all the weight easy and my pants still wouldn't even come close to fitting. 
  • Due Date/Actual Delivery Date: March 25/March 17

    Post Partum pains: Everything is gone now, but I had to get stitches from a 2nd degree tear that were really painful. The first few times I went number two were so painful, it brought me to tears every time. My nipples are also more sensitive now, and the left boob is ready for a hungry little mouth.

    Successes? Being able to breastfeed. I almost gave up during the first week from lack of sleep. Also, figuring out the best way to deal with an oversupply that sometimes caused too harsh of a letdown for LO to handle.

    What are you doing at the moment? Waiting for it to be time for LO's next feeding.

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? Exactly how much my life has changed since bringing her home.
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  • Due Date/Actual Delivery Date: March 22 / March 27 

    Post Partum pains: If I do too much during the day in terms of walking/lifting my stitches hurt so I'm begrudgingly trying to take it easy which is not easy to do but I'm trying. 

    Successes? I've showered and gotten dressed every day since being home from the hospital and the house is clean/ laundry all kept up with. Feeling like that's more than I expected with having two! 

    What are you doing at the moment? Catching up on email and ordering birth announcements. 

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? How much more relaxed I am with everything this time around. It helps that DD is a VERY easy baby and I sort of feel like I'm holding my breath waiting for her to wake up screaming nonstop, etc. but I also feel SO much less stressed over every decision and feedings, etc. and I think that makes a big difference. 
  • Due Date/Actual Delivery Date: March 8/ Feb 24 @ 3:41 am

    Post Partum pains: Stiches from 1st degree tear healed in week 5, so no problem there anymore. But I am having a bit of pain/soreness in my pelvic floor recently. Don't know if it's from to many pelvic floor exercises?

    Baby girl is sleeping 3 hour stretches more instead of 2. It isn't consistent but it's still a win :smile: . 

    What are you doing at the moment? Well it's 3:15am and I'm trying to get baby down after a feeding.

    Whats your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? How experiencing this 4th trimester is making me second guess having a second child. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. The sleepless nights, and screaming baby. It really wears you down, it breaks you. If we so have a second I pray to God they will be easier than my first!!

  • @smushi (Lurking from August!) I'm a children's photographer, and do you *know* how hard we work to get those adorable "toddler kissing the baby" pictures? Once in a blue moon you get a toddler and baby who just do it, but most of the time there is totally a cheerio / puff / assorted other bribe hiding behind the baby's head to get the toddler to bend close enough it looks like a kiss.

    Shhh - tricks of the trade ;)

  • Guess Date: 3/15/16
    Actual Delivery Date:

    Post Partum pains:
    baby blues, PP anxiety (had with first baby but not numbers two and three); pulled sutures from my repair where I tore, but that's starting to heal again

    this babe is my best nursling … she's BFing better than the other three combined!

    What are you doing at the moment?
    nursing one, snuggling two more

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? 
    really was not expecting the baby blues again, esp after I felt so great after our second and third babies! I hate feeling this way when I should be enjoying our last newborn. I just started venturing out again this week though, so I'm hoping hat will help me climb out of this spiral. I really don't want to have to get medicine (I don't think there's anything wrong with medicating, I just have some other health stuff that needs to be addressed too). the other kids have adjusted pretty well – I'm surprised how helpful my daughter has been with the baby (she was super thrilled her wish for a sister came true!) and I'm surprised that the transition with a second baby in the bed has been so smooth; toddlerbaby has been mostly easygoing (although he has completely rejected nursies since we came home from the hospital which bums me out … I wanted to tandem again, and I just never said goodbye to our nursing journey bc I didn't realize it was ending. also, I could kind of use the extra help emptying my breasts like his sis did when he was born, but c'est la vie I guess). 

    March 2016 siggy: babies - expectation vs reality

    Brian's Whovian wife (5/'09) 
    AP, BF, BW, CD, CLW, CS, ERF, Catholic mama 
    to Evan (7/'10), Clare (8/'11), Dean (3/'14), ^F(12/'15)^, Rose (3/'16)
    *no longer a Timelord ~ WibblyWobbly BabyWaby is here!*
    <3 but i still feel bigger on the inside <3
     Autism mama! 
  • Due Date - 3/30
    Delivery date - 4/2

    Post partum pain - Sore nipples and back pain from breastfeeding and pumping. Uterus contracting also gives m some discomfort at times.

    Success - Milk is finally in! Still not enough for DS so we have to supplement a bit. I am drinking mother's milk tea 3 times a day and will probably start naking lactation cookies next week to help with the supply.

    What are you doing at the moment - Pumping with my new freemie cups. So far I am quite happy with them.

    GTKY - I was really hoping BFing would work out with DS but he is not a good nurser and screams and cries once I put him on my boob. DD also needs a lot of attention so trying to get DS to latch while DD wants to be held is not working for this household. Plus it just takes way too long so I may end up exclusively pumping for this little guy. I am a bit sad but I just need to adjust my expectation as we go. DD is working on having a new silbling at home and it has been very challenging for DH and myself. She is very clingy to begin with and right in the middle of her terrible 2. We are taking it one day at a time. 
  • Due Date/Actual Delivery Date: March 26/March 9

    Post Partum pains: My knees hurt and my back and shoulders hurt from baby holding.

    Successes? After losing 11% of his birth weight in the first few days due to my milk not coming in, baby is up one pound from his birth weight. However, we are supplementing with formula. 

    What are you doing at the moment? Just put baby down, and I am icing my back while laying on the couch. 

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? I guess I never realized how often baby would need to eat. Hearing he needs to eat every 2-3 hours is way different from actually living it. Me trying to sleep between his feedings at night have been difficult. 
  • @hecubus330 Mine lost exactly 11% of his body weight.  Keep on boobin!  It's hard to keep from getting nursing shoulders too, from leaning your neck down to look at baby and holding them in a cradle.  My chiropractor was a saint at 6 weeks pp with DS1.  I'm thinking I'll need a similar session soon.  And it's also totally normal for baby to eat every hour or even every 30 minutes!  If they root to nurse or cry, it's totally ok and normal (no need to feel frantic or that you might not be producing enough - just pop the kid on and hang out).
  • Due Date/Actual Delivery Date:
    March 19th/ March 8th

    Post Partum pains:
    All the hormones are making feel... well abit randy, and no hanky panky for at least 2 more weeks. Also didnt like the way the pain meds made me feel so i stopped taking them 5 days after my csection. 

    Successes? Healing was faster then with my first. I was able to jog 2 weeks after my csection. My scar is minimal. Lost all the baby weight then some, from all the breast feeding. My milk production is so much better this time around.

    What are you doing at the moment? Laying in bed watching LO sleep and paying bills.

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? Healing is faster second time around. Also I thought I was going to have a hard time with a new born and a 4 year old, but I'm managing better then i thought. Also hubby has really stepped up his game to help out. 
  • Due Date: 3/31
    Actual Delivery Date: 3/30

    Post Partum pains: not too bad anymore, mostly just a little sore here and there. The only big issue I have is that my SPD isn't gone yet. Hope it'll go away on it's own.

    Successes? BF is going quite good (except for a little mastitis) 

    What are you doing at the moment? Watching "DinoTruck" with DS while DD sleeps on my chest and DH makes us dinner. 

    GTKY:  What's your biggest shock of expectations vs reality with your newborn/as a new momma? I'm pleasantly shocked over how easygoing DD is. As a newborn DS was a little more fuzzy. Of course this can change rather quick, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts. And I'm still not adjusted to the extra time a lot of things take now with two kids. 
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