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Donating blood while nursing? Good Idea?

We are having our bi-annual blood donation drive at work today and tomorrow and wanted to see if any of you ladies have donated blood while nursing?  I have googled and read that it is safe, but there could potentially be a temporary dip in supply.  Does anyone have any experience with this?   

Re: Donating blood while nursing? Good Idea?

  • No I haven't. I guess if it were me, I'd wait until next time. With the babies already taking in less milk because of solids, I couldn't afford another dip in supply. Your heart is in the right place, though! Good luck with your decision. 

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  • I don't...but I was suprised to learn at my last physical that I'm anemic. I'm a huge carnivore, so that really surprised me. You're probably already aware of that issue, but heads up in case not. 

    You're a good person to consider this!
  • I think I will probably pass this go around and do it next time. The supply dip thing is what has stopped me so far from signing up. I'm struggling with pumping enough for him while at work as it is. So I really shouldn't walk in to something knowing what the outcome be. Thanks for your advice @DolphinLover2002 and @virginiaunicorn11 ;
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