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Sudden limp I'm 19 month old

Anyone ever have this happen?  My 19 month old was fine all day. Running around this morning. Was fine doing an easter hunt hunt after lunch. Then all of a sudden starting limpinge and favoring her left leg/foot. There is no visible sign if injury,  sliver, blisters etc. And she didn't fall or anything. It just sort of suddenly was there. 

It has me a little freaked out. So just wondering if anyone has experienced this. If I should call dr tonight or wait till morning etc. Thanks for any ideas or advice in advance. 

Re: Sudden limp I'm 19 month old

  • I haven't but I think you should take her to the doctor. This was the case with my friends daughter and her leg was fractured. I hope your boo is ok! Even if there is a problem children heal very fast! Her daughter was better in a month. 
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    This happened to my daughter a few months ago. We took her to her pediatrician and he said it was just likely that she somehow hurt her leg by turning it the wrong way. However, he also said there is a virus that could be responsible. I'm not trying to scare you and say that's what your LO has, but best bet is to bring them for a doctor's visit. My daughter somehow injured her leg in her mysterious toddler way and healed within a week and a half.
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