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Baby boy hypospadia

Hi all, my son was born with mild hypospadia (hole is not quite at the tip of his penis, but a little lower). At the hospital after he was born we briefly saw a urologist and they wanted to wait until he was almost 1 year incase it corrects itself. Appointment is not until mid April. Wondering if anyone has met with a pediatric urologist yet and what the outcome was? Very nervous about possible surgery but don't want him to be affected by this as he grows older, adolescence is hard enough! 

Re: Baby boy hypospadia

  • What did th Urologist say?  Is it worth doing surgery?  

    one of my sons had some kidney issues that we are seeing the urologist for.  Over time, things have definitely gotten better.  
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    We had his appointment last week, and the urologist said the mild hypospadia looks like it corrected itself. So needless to say I'm a very relieved mama. We do have the option of getting him circumsized, but it requires anesthesia now because he's older. So I don't think we will. I hope everything goes well with your little boy! The issues he's having - do you have an idea what what kind of treatment he might need?
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