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Success bf after EP?

Dd was born at 35+2 at 5 lbs. at nicu she was down to under 4.5 lbs. 
I have large breasts and found bf very difficult, as dd had to eat without her feeding tube for 24 hrs before being released I pumped most of her nicu stay as she took the bottle better, she did nurse with nipple shield occasionally. When we were discharged I continued pumping and occasionally nursing. I hated nursing since I had such a hard let down and dd choked and I was uncomfortable in any position but football and she hated it. I met with 3 LCs and still had issues. At 3 months I started to EP manually. I Ep until dd was 11 months (as I got pregnant again) I had a large supply and was able to donate 22 L to nicu and 10 L locally. I still feed her frozen milk occasionally. I enjoyed EP but it was very time consuming and I dont know how I will be able to do it with this child (due in Aug)but since nursing was so difficult and we struggled I am scared to even try and be disappointed.
Has anyone been successful nursing the second time around when they were not the first? Has anyone EP with an older child in the home as well? 

Re: Success bf after EP?

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    I can't relate, but it doesn't hurt to try. 
    I breastfeed and pump occasionally and it seems like EP would be easier. My baby eats for up to an hour or two sometimes.... :l with pumping, you do it for a certain amount of time and you're done!
  • No advice, but kudos to you donating all that milk! You are Awesome! 
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