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My little one is one week old. We were instructed to use a nipple shield due to one slightly flatter nipple. We are currently having no issues using the shield, but I would like to wean her off of it. Any advice on weaning from using the shield?

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  • My LO is 9 weeks old and we are still using a nipple shield. He was very low birth weight, and had a very weak suck and swallow at first. His latch has been good, and now there's days when I think he's gonna suck my whole nipple off! So I've started trying to wean him off of it. I let him start nursing with the nipple shield on, then after about 10 mins or so I unlatch him, take it off, then let him relatch. Sometimes he has no problem, other times he is frustrated and I have to put the shield back on for him to finish eating. Just take your time, and follow baby's lead! Good luck! 
  • Thank you! I have been trying the switcheroo too - It is frustrating as some days we seem to take one step forward and three steps backward. We will get there!
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  • My baby is seven weeks . We also use the shield. Some days I can get her to latch without doing the switcheroo but most times she gets frustrated. Personally I'm ok with the shield as long as she can still get my milk 
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    My baby is 3 weeks old and if I remove the nipple shield after eating for a few minutes, she'll latch sometimes. I like the shield more :l 
  • Try, try, try again- and take a break if you don't want to try anymore.  It took us 4 months to get off the shield, and i hated breastfeeding until we did.  My son is 20 months now and I've loved BF ever since.  You can do it! 
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  • I set a goal one day that I just wouldn't use the shield. Despite the hand cramps from holding my breast just right so he could latch, we were able to make it a whole day without it. I think I became more addicted to it after awhile, and he didn't really need it to latch anymore once he got a little older. I only use it when I'm out and about now when I'm trying to be more discrete. 
  • It took us about 4 months to get off it. We tried the switch slipping it off in the middle of feeding, skin to skin, etc. one day he was just fighting me like crazy to nurse and I just tried him again w out it and he latched! I kept going the next time and it took some holding/positioning but he nursed again with out it and from then on he was off it. Just keep trying you will get it eventually. Good luck!
  • Cold turkey worked for us. I would get off ASAP if you can, the nipple shield saved and ruined our bfing career.
  • I was told one of my nipples was short and was given a breast shell. You might google and see if that's for you. 
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