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Baby Only Happy With Other People

My LO is starting to drive me nuts. She's 8 weeks and the past couple days, it feels like the only thing she wants to do with me is nurse. With daddy and grandparents, she will smile and chat and look around and fall asleep. With me, she cries and cries and cries until I give her the breast. Then when I take it away because she's stopped sucking or unlatched for the dozenth time (or bit me, in one case!) she cries again until someone else takes her. Then she's back to happy as a clam. It's so frustrating and disheartening and I'm starting to feel resentment. Why can't I just hold my baby? Has anyone else gone through this? How long did it last? Any tips?

Re: Baby Only Happy With Other People

  • You are in the middle of the storm cluster feeding sucks you dry mentally also. It will change in a few days. My lo is exhibiting this same behavior. He wants the boob pulls on and off forever like he doesn't really want boob. Then I think he's done and I put it away. Then he's creams bloody murder that the booby disappears, so I try to latch him and he acts like I'm killing him. Then he's sucking on his fingers and rooting. Eventually he nurses properly after a short break or a change of scenery. Baby's brain is growing. Breakthroughs and whatnot the world is big. Some spurts are mental. She wants booby (because booby is awesome and all things good) around but doesn't know how to comfort nurse with out let downs(i.e. Getting bit or clamped down on). She'll get the hang of that soon. I make diaper changing our time to talk and face to face. I change him after we nurse so I know he's full/happy. I tickle and talk to him and he kinda knows. I don't nurse on the changing table. I'm not holding him
    but I can get face to face. Get on the floor And lay beside her while she's in the baby gym face to face. Rattles and those toys with the crinkle are all the rage with ds. A few days it will get better.
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    I swear this is my LO right now. I always joke with my husband that he should take him because it will mean he stops crying at least! I figure LO must know me so well by sight and even sound that he is relaxed enough to be with other people. That's what I keep telling myself at least :)
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  • We seem to be in this pattern in the afternoons and evenings. Usually when it's time for LO to go down, I'll try to nurse and he grunts and cries and latches and unlatches. It's so frustrating. DH doesn't understand what's going on and offers to take him from me or give him a bottle. I just tell him that what he's doing is developmental and we'll pull through and her really does need to nurse, he's just trying to control it. I think DH is over my turning down his offers and getting all butthurt, which did happen in the beginning. This too shall pass.
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    Thank you, ladies! I really needed to hear that I'm not alone in this. We had some smiles and chatter this morning so I'm feeling a lot better about it all. Last night I was starting to think she hates me!
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