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Weekend TW Edition

Let it all out ladies!

I went to my family friends kiddo's birthday party. It was fun to get out of the house with DH and DD2! My family friend's mom loved cuddling with DD2 and it was so much fun! It makes me miss DD1 since they are friends and DD1 would have enjoyed the bouncy house!
The TW was my blood sugar. I have had picture perfect blood sugars after having DD2...high blood sugar all because cake hates me! I don't normally eat sweets so it's not a common occurrence, but I should have stuck with a cupcake. There were cupcakes and cake so I got a small piece of cake since it was smaller than a cupcake and it had less frosting. Cake is not my friend. At least I don't eat it often.

Re: Weekend TW Edition

  • My mom is here visiting from across the country (AGAIN). I know, most women would appreciate having their mother come 'help' with baby but my mom just annoys the f**k out of me. She's so self centred and she just keeps saying "your mom says you need to.... " to LO like I'm the bad guy for suggesting he nap/eat/change his diaper. She also is just so f**king loud! She slams doors, stomps, slams dishes around, and it always seems to be when LO is sleeping! It's funny how everyone who doesn't have to get up with him in the MOTN doesn't seem to give a crap if he sleeps well or not. I already asked her once to keep it down and she got all snippy with me "Well he's not going to wake up because I'm slamming the dishes"... Uh ya... he very well might! 
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    My dh has only changed one daiper since we have been home from the hospital. Btw I ebf. I dont think I have to say anymore.
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  • My sister is a TW. Our dad passed away a few years ago with no will. No fun dealing with her. She's overly sensitive and I'm trying to be nice but it's getting OLD.
  • My dogs. Holy F. The puppy ate his poop, which deeply disgusts me. He's also always trying to play with our older dog, so the old man gets anxious and tries to hide. This morning, post me flipping out about poop eating, the old man dog is trying to run away from the puppy, and purposely throws his head into the 4 stacks of freshly folded laundry, knocking them all over and unfolding them. 

    This all occured while I'm feeding the babe, I have had 0 sips of coffee, and my husband is outside working.

    Both dogs are in their crates and I'm taking a time out. 
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    Easter is a TW. We had our Easter celebration yesterday. My poor brother and future SiL came to my house on their way there to see LO. They live in VA so this is only their second time meeting her. Well she screams when they are holding her. Foreshadowing the rest of the day where she screamed anytime she wasn't with me or DH at Easter dinner. There were like 20 people there which was stressing me out cause everyone wants to hold her. I had to end up being a momma bear and tell people no to holding her. No one gets that my let down is triggered when she cries so I'm wet and uncomfortable, she's screaming and I swear my husband doesn't hear it. Plus this screwed up her eating and sleeping. Makes me not look forward to the many weddings and bridal showers we have coming up. 
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