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Spring Randoms

Hey ladies!  What's been happening with you and your LO?  Share below :)

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  • We are still working on sleep training.  We've been attempting to transition LO from our bed to her crib for about 3 - 4 weeks now.  The move has really helped DH and I reconnect, but it's been difficult to hear her cry, and I thought sleep training would somehow be easier than it has been.

    The first week, she took to it like a champ!  25 minutes of crying before falling asleep; she would sleep 7pm - 7am with two feedings in between.  I continued sleep training with her naps, but found that she would only sleep for 20 minutes, rather than the 45 minute naps that she used to take.
    Then daylight savings time happened… Or perhaps it was her 5th and 6th teeth that came in… But now bedtime looks like this:
    We put her down 7 pm ish, she cries for 25 minutes (or more!).  She wakes up crying at 8pm, 10pm, 12am, and then every hour until 7am.  :(  Lately, after 12am I bring her to bed with us.  I have also resumed holding her / carrying her in the backpack for her naps.  I would rather her sleep for 45 minutes even if she does rely on me.  If sleep begets more sleep, then hopefully longer daytime naps = more restful nighttime sleep.

    I am kind of confounded:  the first two weeks that we sleep trained, LO 'learned' to fall asleep on her own.  She cried for fewer minutes each night.  A few times she even slept through the night without waking to feed at all!  Then, after a couple of weeks, she reversed.  Now she is sleeping worse than ever.  Compassion compels me to bring her to bed with me past midnight but I also know that "consistency is key." 

    Has anyone else noticed that their LOs fake cry?  My baby has been doing this more as of late.  I treat all cries like real cries (I don't believe I can spoil her at this age)… but when I went in to periodically check tonight (as she was CIO), I could see her smile with satisfaction after she stuck her bottom lip out in a fake pout.  You gals know what I mean!  Maybe I need to be stricter with the sleep training since she I know she is pulling out all her tricks -- fake cries as well as real ones -- to fight sleep.  Anyone going through something similar?
  • Also -- totally unrelated -- it's just beautiful here in NC and I am SO HAPPY it's spring.  :)
  • It's been beautiful weather also in Maryland, tomorrow we are planning to driving down to see the Cherry Blossoms since we are celebrating my mom's birthday!! My baby boy has found the stairs, wardrobes and also gets a hold of almost anything in order to stand up. I put him in his walker and he goes to the kitchen and starts opening everything lol I keep an extra eye on him but it's amazing how much they are discovering. We are still cosleeping and I'm okay with that, as he sleeps well with me. I'm thinking by 1 year old I can transition him to his crib. I am looking into gates as my son has been crawling towards the stairs and since he is trying to grab a hold of anything to stand, I have to be super extra careful. Also he has said mama and I'm completely in love with it!!! It melts my heart!!! Its amazing how much they are growing and to say in a few months my baby boy will be one :blush: They are truly our greatest blessings mamas!! <3
  • @wheresilenceismusic our daughter fake cries too :) 
    we are starting to take her too book readings every week now and hopefully swim lessons soon :D can't wait for it to be officially warm! Our daughter always looks outside and I am dying to take her on walks and go to the park.
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    Our LO has been horrible at sleep lately. She'll only take a nap if I feed her, then hold her the rest of the time. At night she'll CIO in the crib and stay asleep for a few hours. But when she wakes up, I feed her and then end up holding her the rest of the morning. I haven't been able to pump for over a week now. However, yesterday we had a knew record. She only woke up once!!! Yay! But that has already ended because this morning she woke up 3 times. 

    She is "crawling" now. She'll get on her hands and knees and then lunge herself forward until she gets there. Sometimes she'll get on her hands and tippy toes then knees. Lol. 

    She has basically stopped talking and will scream for fun. I really miss the "blah blah blah" conversations or even the tongue clicking. 
  • Well we haven't done sleep training. Idk how to even start that, I feel like it would just stress me out lol However, looks like we may have to start. LO used to sleep in crib but at 6 months came back to our bed bc she was so awful at sleeping at 6 months. So in our bed she's been, sleeps great so we're happy. But last night I woke up twice to her rolling over and "crawling" in our bed!! She gets on all fours and moves around. Scared me to death, thank I God I woke up and felt her moving. We have a bed rail but it's not too high so she could pull up I think and fall off. I put her in crib bc I couldn't sleep after that, well I wake up to her crawling around in crib and pulling up! We haven't lowered her crib so I got scared she would fall out. So, back in our bed she went and I barely slept lol It's like she's practicing in her sleep and half awake. I think tonight DH will lower the crib and we'll put her in there and pray she sleeps! Wish us luck. 

    Just this his week alone she's hit so many milestones! Crawling backwards, being on tummy and rolling herself over to sit up then pull up. 

    Shes also been very attached for a week now, crying if I leave her and don't pick her up to come with me to kitchen or wherever. 

    8 months has been great though, she's soo fun to me! We crack up at her all the time! We haven't started table food with her yet. Our ped said wait till 9 month check up so we'll talk then. I tried puffs but she coughed each time so it freaked me out, haven't tried again. 

    Happy Easter mommas!! Enjoy those little loves of yours!
  • I totally agree with you @wheresilenceismusic on the whole sleeping thing...He's gotten worse! I will say that our LO has never been a good sleeper to begin with but lately he's been terrible! I usually nurse him to sleep (I know, I know) and he would sleep a few hours before waking up. The past couple nights it's been taking forever for him to go down. He could be passed out in my arms and the second I lay him down, he wakes up freaking out! I've figured out how to calm him but it doesn't always last that long. If I held him though, he would sleep forever! With yesterday being Easter, he really didn't get a good nap in with everything going on. He fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept for about 45 mins. We thought he'd be done for the night! Not so much. Didn't fall asleep until 10:30, then woke up at 11:30. Went back down and woke up again at 3:30. And was up until 7:30!!!! I tried everything to get him back asleep. Nursing, rocking, crying it out...nothing worked. Then I had to get up and start getting ready for work so I went and fed him and of course he passes out! I'm leaving on a work trip in a couple days and it will be the first time I'll be away from him overnight. I'm hoping he will magically start sleeping through the night when I'm gone. ;)
    Besides all the sleep problems, he's been army crawling all over the place! We still have to put up our gates (we have a tri-level house), so that's going to be a pain!!
  • Welp our 8th month has been terrible really, started with RSV that progressed to bronchiolitis that brought us to the ER, ended up on amoxicillin that gave LO such explosive diarrhea he was taken off it after a few days because they were worried about him getting dehydrated. Back to EBF, we were trying to wean before all this happened but dr recommended pure BM until he's better. I'm so stressed just wanting him to get back to his old self again. Took a vacation day today and going to get some bath bombs to take a bath tonight to relax. Can't wait. Looking forward to kicking this bug, LO turns 9 months on Sunday and is so close to crawling, fingers crossed for a happy, healthy April and sane momma!
  • Last week was pure hell. She hardly slept at all. I would literally be up all night (I stay at home, so hubby has no responsibilities after his bedtime on weeknights). On the other hand, I was able to quietly get a lot of stuff done around the house while letting her play in the middle of the night. Thankfully, this week she's had a perfect sleep schedule again, and I could not be happier. Mama needed some sleep!

    She still doesn't see the point of crawling. She hardly even tries. When I put her on her tummy and leave a toy just out of her reach, she'll roll onto her back and use her feet to push her towards it. It's hilarious, but not what I was going for! On the other hand, she's picked up way more words than I would ever have expected at this age. She's got "mama" and "dada" down pat, and she'll sometimes say "hi" and "bye-bye" if she likes the person who is coming or going enough.

    I've been knitting tons of adorable clothes for her, but I'm honestly a little disappointed that they'll have to go into storage now that it's getting warmer. That's not happening quite yet, but it's coming. I also have to find some sunscreen that's okay for itty-bitties because she's a ginger. My mom actually picked her up a long-sleeve swimsuit, which I thought was hysterical.
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  • @klirwin82 -- I am so sorry to hear that LO is / was sick!!! I hope babe is feeling better now. Best of luck as you wean. Keep us posted, Mama! 
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