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How often is LO nursing these days?

Hey all! How often are your LO's nursing and for how long? LO is almost 11 months and nursing every 2-3hrs for about 10mins each time.

Re: How often is LO nursing these days?

  • I pump at 11a and 1p at work. Then go home to nurse at 3:30p during lunch break and 6p. I used to stop pumping at 10 mins but realized I get a second letdown if I go to 18mins. Nurse on demand on weekends. And she nurses at wake up every morning at 7a. 10 mons on 3.19. She has 2 bottom and 2 top teeth!
  • I nurse about 3 times and hand-express twice at work. Used to be nurse 4-5 times and express twice.  LO is 10 months and was recently sick and refused all solids, which was hard as my supply had adjusted down.  Right now I'm away for a week for work and I'm hoping he'll still want to nurse when I get back. He lost a bit of interest around months 8-9 but it seems to have returned.
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  • 4 times (morning, after each nap(2), and before bed), and then pumping twice a day to keep up a freezer supply. We are starting daycare next week, so we'll see how that changes things! 10 months April 4.
  • My son is 11 months and he nurses every 3 hours and sometimes more. 
  • About every 3-4 hours.
    S- March 09 E- Feb 12 L- May 15

  • most days every three hours, sometimes more/less often. at night he nurses for 1-2 hours when he goes to  sleep then another hour before he gets up in the morning (we bed share) 
  • I'm at every 4 hours, so 4 times a day and then once at night.  Usually around 11:00 or 12:00.
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