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1 year old will not eat

PLEASE HELP ME!! My son just turned 1 on March 22, and he will not eat anything only apple sauce he does not always me to spoon feed him won't accept finger foods except his puffs I'm so hurt and concerned since he won't eat anything.. Do you moms have any advise to help him eat? Any tips? I don't want him to be hungry .. All he wants is whole milk and water down motts for tots apple juice 

Re: 1 year old will not eat

  • My daughter is picky too. She would only eat mashed potatoes and yogurt if I let her. I started trying different foods until I find stuff she likes. Sometimes she would rather have milk than food.
  • Yes same here he likes apple sauce yougurt crackers and puffs nothing else.. I can barley have him drink milk I don't know what else to feed him I guess I have to take it one step at a time
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  • My son is picky- one day he will eat something and the next day he spits it out. The only things that he eats every time are puffs and edamame/soy beans (weird I know!). I have started giving him "real food" like pasta and taco filling and having better luck with that. He still nurses about 8 times a day though. I would try to give your LO what you are eating and see if that makes a difference. Maybe he just doesn't like the texture of baby foods and purées.
  • Thank you for the advice and sharing what your LO eats. I'm glad all of our LOs are picky not just mine I hope it's a short phase tho  :D
  • Just wanted to let you guys know something that has been really successful for me recently- I bought 12 Popsicle molds off of amazon and have been making homemade Popsicles that my 12 month old loves! I have made grape/strawberry, spinach/mango, and banana/peanut butter. All you do is blend the fruit/veggies with whole fat Greek yogurt until smooth. Then add to the Popsicle molds and freeze. My baby loves them (and so does my 5 year old!)
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    When I'm trying new foods, but LO seems picky, I make sure to mash everything up very well with a fork. If that doesn't work, I mix it with applesauce. Since most of your LO's like applesauce, you might try it. That way you sneak in the new foods. Also, I make sure she doesn't fill up on puffs before I feed her what I want her to eat. The hungrier she is, the more willing she is to eat the other food. (I'm not saying starve your child, just no snacking close to meals or at the beginning of a meal.)
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