Where to start for bottle feeding breast milk?

FTM here. Just got the ok from my 3wk old sons pedi to introduce a bottle of expressed milk once or twice a day so that my fiancé can take some of the load off of me. Not sure where to start, and didn't get the chance to ask about the specifics (busy day for our doctor). For instance, is it okay to express directly into a sterilized bottle and store it until it's ready to be warmed up? Or will I have to express into some other type of approved container, like a breast milk bag, and then transfer to the clean bottle and warm the milk? Any tips on how to go about this greatly appreciated. 

Also, I checked kellymom and couldn't locate the information I am seeking (maybe due to being so tired haha) and would rather stay away from the dangers of Google. I'd rather put my faith in experienced moms here.

also posted this in an additional board (0-3 months) to get more replies.

Re: Where to start for bottle feeding breast milk?

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