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Chicken pox???

My DD has this rash all over her body, we have a dr appt this afternoon but jw if any other mamas have encountered chicken pox and if so, does this look like it??  :'(

Re: Chicken pox???

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  • Poor babe! Good luck, I hope whatever it is is diagnosed and treated quickly :)
  • Poor little baby! Hopefully they figure out what it is quick! 
  • First of all, she's super cute and I hope it's nothing! My LO had something that looked really similar and the pediatrician said it was just her skin being sensitive, nothing to worry about. It went away in a few days. Definitely something to ask the Dr about though - let us know what you find out. 
  • Doesn't look like chicken pox to me. High fever? Fever usually accompanies chicken pox. Hope it goes away quickly! 
  • My little one had something similar but just on his face and chest at his 2 month check up and dr said it was just normal baby stuff. Sensitive skin. Hope the same is true for you! 
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    Those baby lashes!!!! Hopefully your appointment went well!, doesn't appear to be chicken pox (to me), hopefully it wasn't! I had them as a infant and hearing what my mom went through
  • Looks like normal baby acne to me- but if it truly is all over could be a sensitivity to laundry soap or regular soap/ lotion? Definitely doesn't look like chickenpox 
  • Hey guys!! Just an update after a LONG eventful weekend! She was consistently at 99 degrees every time I took her temp, the dr listened to her lungs and sent us to the children's hospital near us! She thought there might be an infection in her lungs! (Talk about a stressed out mama!) when we got to the hospital her fever was up to 101.3 they gave her some infant Tylenol, did some tests, and a chest X-ray. Turns out, little lady just had a form of the flu. I do have to give helen Devos children's hospital 100 thumbs up, they were amazing!! You don't realize how emotional it is to bring a baby to the hospital until it's your own! The nurses and doctors were amazing with both Ayva and I! She's doing so much better now! Even slept throw the night last night!!!!  :D
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