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Holding own bottle

i know all babies develop at different speeds, but has your lo started holding their own bottle at feedings? Just wondering because mine used to try to hold it sometimes about a month or so ago but now never tries. On the developmental checklist we do at every check up with her Ped they say she should be able to hold it on her own now but she has zero interest in this! 

Re: Holding own bottle

  • My little man puts his hands on his bottle and can hold it himself most of the feed although it does rest against his tummy a lot, but then he has days where he couldn't care less for holding his bottle! I wouldn't worry too much at all.. As long as she is able to hold toys like a rattle or something she will be fine. Some bubbas are just lazy and love mummy doing the work!
  • Mine loves to hold his bottle. He has started to learn how to manipulate things with his hands. First child did not hold her bottle until she was one. She had the ability, but she preferred for others to do it. Haha. Even now she likes having people do things for her.
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  • My older two kids never held their own bottles. They would a soppy cup and had no problem doing that, but when it came to their bottles, they were more than happy to let me do it. 
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  • J1DJ1D member
    My baby will rip the bottle out of our hands so he can hold it. Sometimes when he's sleepy or if it's a big bottle he'll let us help, but in general he'd rather hold it himself.
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