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flame free Friday confession
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  • Last night I pretended to be sick so the hubby would get up in the night with the little one. No regrets. 
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  • Ever since LO arrived, I've wanted nothing to do with my furbaby. He annoys the ever loving crap out of me now, and I honestly want to give him up  :'(

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  • @andimegie325 I feel ya! I have an 8 year old Great Dane who was my baby for 6.5 years before DS1 came along. Since he was born, I just don't have much love for her. Probably doesn't help that she has been standoffish towards him since he was born no matter how hard I tried to make her feel included. She's never bitten or attacked him, but growled and snarled a few times so I still don't trust her in a room alone with him so that's exhausting. Now that DS2 has arrived, I just have zero tolerance for her shenanigans. Getting in the trash, digging in the flower beds, chasing skunks, just stop it already. You're 8 years old! That's old for Danes, so be old and lazy already! 
  • LOs messy eating while BF drives me nuts.. Milk on him, me, both our clothes, soaked through the burp cloth I put under him, ugh!
  • @SDaniels19 That was one small reason why I gave up bf.  DS was turning into a major slob on the boob and I felt like there was so much wasted milk! I did pump for a couple of weeks after giving up BF, but that was a reason for giving it up.

    I'm actually happy that Aunt Flo is in town this week, so I don't have to give DH another reason why I don't want to be intimate. I feel bad, but I haven't been too much fun in the bedroom for him since LO was born.  Between the exhaustion, easing back into it, and a million other things to do between work and our home, I just don't think about it that much and it hasn't happened a whole lot, since I got the "okay" at my 6w PP appointment.
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    Woops, I posted in the wrong thread!

    Happy Friday, ladies!
  • It's a good thing people can't really read minds because if they could, my aunt would realize how annoyed I am with her right now. Sorry, but the baby isn't hungry every hour and he isn't pooping everytime he farts. I wish she'd at least pretend like I'm a competent parent lol 
  • I don't feel bad about harassing DD2's pediatrician. 
    I used to but now I don't.
     Wednesday night we took her to the ER because it looked like she might be having seizures. The ER doctor diagnosed her with Sandifer Syndrome. She has reflux and it's related to her reflux as well as when she eats but her body and limbs stiffen, her back arches and her limbs move in a rhythmic back and forth way. As a nurse, it looks like a seizure to me. He evaluated her and made the diagnosis. Thankfully it's something she can hopefully outgrow but DH and I, as well as anyone that cares for her just needs to know about it. There's not a lot that can be done but I'm just glad it's not seizures! We just have to realize she will have this, there's nothing anyone can really do, and we need to comfort her as much as possible because it looks uncomfortable so I can only imagine that it is. 
  • Aside from the religious aspect, Easter has gotten so out of hand... seriously. Dying eggs 73 different ways, candy galore, Easter baskets loaded with gifts, the egg hunt, pictures with the Easter Bunny, etc. 

    Traditions were set for my stepdaughter before I came into the picture, so they are generally expected to continue now. But now we've added 2 more kids and this is insane...
  • I really don't care about Easter. 
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    I know it's not Friday anymore, but my confession is that people who don't leash their dogs don't deserve to have them.  Some horrible woman in our apartment building let her two little yappy, aggressive dogs come barreling into the elevator, running right up on my leashed dog, who I had to pick up.  My husband was with me, wearing the baby, so my dog was not too thrilled about being aggressively attacked by these strange dogs.  I decide we'll take the stairs instead, to avoid them, then on our floor we get out there and who do we see?  One of her dogs!  Running around like an absolute maniac.  I have to pick up my dog AGAIN, she is lazily calling out to him from the elevator, no motion to actually retrieve him until many minutes later.  I have to pick my dog up again and she had the nerve to get mad at me and say "it'll happen when it happens" as far as picking her dog up, and then complaining that one of the dogs wasn't even hers, she was just watching it.  (Um, doesn't matter - if you're watching the dog you're responsible for it.)  Ugh.  It just freaked me out because if I had been walking the dog and wearing her, I wouldn't have been able to pick the dog up and he probably would've been bitten.  :(  How hard is it to put your dang dog on a leash???  I will never understand why people don't do it.
  • @maureenmce people don't leash their dogs because they are lazy and irresponsible. It grinds my gears too. I have 3 dogs and a fenced in yard. If they aren't in the fence they stay on a leash. My springer i let loose in tje woods but that's another story. I had someone's bull mastiff chase me when i was running once. He chased me a good half mile. Was not impressed.

    My confession is I'm really harassing my husband to take me car shopping. I really want a jeep too. I've been driving a 2002 Chrysler for 3 years. Mama wants something shiney and new
  • It's not Friday but- 
    im DYING for a new car. 
    I just paid off my Honda civic but,LOs car seat barely fits in the backseat and I have to push the passenger seat so far up for the car seat to fit that no one can sit on the passenger side of my car. 
    Im drooling over the 2016 Honda pilot, but seriously who has $47,000 
  • @carlyhammond i sympathize. My Chrysler has 240,000 miles. The roof is really low and getting the car seat out is so cumbersome. I really want a hard top wrangler but its a little out of my price range. Lol I'm going to just have to get a Cherokee 
  • @maureenmce
    I would tell your land lord or whomever manages the property, because it's their insurance on the line if anything happens because of those dogs that lady won't leash. You and your family shouldn't have to deal with that at all! What an awful person that lady is!
  • @maureenmce
    I would tell your land lord or whomever manages the property, because it's their insurance on the line if anything happens because of those dogs that lady won't leash. You and your family shouldn't have to deal with that at all! What an awful person that lady is!
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