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Thrush - your experience

So, I was put on antibiotics a couple of weeks ago for mastitis - fever, chills the whole deal hit me out of nowhere.... Now here we are and I just noticed my son has a white coating on his tongue and looks like the top of his mouth and gums. :( today he's been pulling off while nursing and fussier than usual. I'm calling his dr first thing in the morning, but I just want to know what we are looking at dealing with here. 
Also, Google left me with a ton of questions: 
I've read not to use disposable nursing pads, but also that the yeast can stay in clothing after washing - I've been using cloth, but was afraid of contamination and considering getting disposables ? 
I am also dreading the possibility of a terrible diaper rash from the medication to treat the thrush... Any experience there? 
Anyone use grapefruit seed extract with any success? I'm thinking of at least using it in the laundry...
Any advice is appreciated or just commiserate with me please! 

Re: Thrush - your experience

  • No advice here as i have not had to deal with thrush but I have been paranoid about my son getting it since day one. It does nit sound lIke a good time lol. I'm sorry you are going through so much I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck!
  • My LO had thrush at his 6 week appt. We opted to not doing antibiotics and did Gentian Violet swabs in his mouth 2x/day for 3 days per his pediatrician. He was back to normal after day 2. 
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    My advice is to hit it hard in the beginning before it gets worse. My son got it around 2 weeks because I was on antibiotics before he was born. Here's what I did:
    1. Change nursing pads at every feed
    2. Microwave burp cloths/nursing bras and anything that comes in contact with your  nipples or his mouth and then wash on Hot with vinegar in the cycle
    3. Boil bottles/nipples/shields/pacifiers/pump parts daily (I used new ones at each feed and boiled everything at the end of the day) 
    4. Apply nystatin 4 times a day (orally and a cream for us since he had a yeasty rash)

    It was a pain, but his symptoms cleared up within a week and didn't return. Good luck! 
  •  Ugh thrush is aweful, it was really painful for me. LO didnt seem affected by it though.The Dr just had me use prescription nipple cream every time after breastfeeding and I'd swipe LO's tongue with a water/vinegar mix after breastfeeding as well. I didn't do anything else differently though - just changed my clothes every day :) and used disposable nursing pads. It was gone in about a week or so. 
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