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I stood up from the couch to get LO out of the swing and somehow didn't hit the ground even though everything went black and quiet. I looked up to see DH wide eyed and clearly talking to me even though I couldn't hear yet. I've always had a hard time standing without getting lightheaded but this is the first time since baby was born. I'm afraid to stand up while holding him now.

Anyone else? Any tips? I even made sure I ate salt today and there's an alarm on my phone to make sure I stay hydrated.

Re: Lightheaded

  • Not to that point, but I've also had a lot of bouts of being lightheaded.  I thought it was from needing more food or water, but I upped my intake and it didn't help.  I think it's from lack of sleep..... I'm now trying to just go from sitting to standing and up and sown stairs a lot slower now, baby or no.

    I was a LOT more lightheaded right around the time I was diagnosed with pancreatitis.  It's not a condition that is connected to pregnancy, but it can be caused by gallstones which are.  Unlikely to be the case, but if you suddenly have a lot of upper abdominal pain (not indigestion but like terrible menstrual cramps, but way too high up), I'd go get checked out ASAP.
  • Glad I am not the only one.  I have an appointment for a physical next week.  It has happened a couple of times.  The last time, when I was changing LO's diaper.  Luckily DH was home and I asked him to take over.  I layed in bed and took a 2 hour nap.  I constantly feel exhausted.  
    LO is a great sleeper, but for some reason, I cannot sleep well at night, let alone nap during the day.
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  • There are a lot of conditions which could lead to this, some fairly benign some not so much.  I would suggest if it's happening frequently seeing a doctor about the issue.  Are you on any meds that may cause this issue?  It sounds like you're doing most of the right things to alleviate the most common causes.  Maybe try adding iron and/or a multivitamin to your day until you can get in to see a doctor about the condition. 
    If there's something strange underneath the hood.  Who you gonna call?  Your Doctor.  If there's something weird and it don't look good.  Who you gonna call?  Your Doctor.  Immediately.  If it's new, painful, and possibly pregnancy related get your ass off the internet and call your doctor.  It's for your health and your child's. 

  • DH noticed a couple bruises on my legs, so maybe it is iron. If that doesn't work in a couple days, you guys are right it probably is time for a physical. I can get all the way across the room sometimes before I go down. A couple years ago I passed out at the top of a flight of stairs so I'm really scared to carry the baby now.
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