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Struggling to find motivation to keep active during pregnancy...!

this is my second pregnamcy, so I between chasing my 2 year old son around, working full time, and household chores/cooking. At the end of the day I'm exhausted. I also work shift work so my schedule is crazy most days. I used to love to exercise before children, but now I just have no get up and go. If I'm not working and once I have my son to bed I'm in bed shortly after. I just need some motivation, ideas, tips on how to stay motivated or just some exercises I can do that don't take up a ton of time that I can do each day. Thanks

Re: Struggling to find motivation to keep active during pregnancy...!

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    you can do it right when you wake up... Or right after putting your kids to sleep
  • I'm calling it "daily movement" instead of exercise and I'm fine with only doing 10 mins per day.  I'd like to do more of course but some days are exhausting and I figure something is better than nothing.  I also found prenatal yoga YouTube videos that I like that focus on connecting with baby. I know I'm more likely to get my daily movement done in the morning compared to evening.  Find out what works for you and what will be the least unpleasant!  My friend who had a baby in Dec said to stay active every day even after it feels too uncomfortable to do anything so I'm trying to keep that in mind.
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  • My SIL does work out videos and my nephew (almost 3) actually likes doing them with her! 

    Now that it's getting warmer, swimming is a great exercise, especially for pregnant ladies as well as something you can get your son involved it.
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  • I tell myself I must do a walk or YouTube prenatal yoga each day. I sit a lot at work so I also try to get up and Walk and stretch often.
  • I could have written this post myself! It's been a STRUGGLE to get through my workouts. So far I've kept to 3-5x/week (some walking, some yoga, some barbell class similar to Les Mills Body Pump) which feels good. My body is so sore and I'm just exhausted between all the things you mentioned! Luckily, I WFH so have some level of flexibility to get out for classes during the day etc. but I have found Beachbody on Demand and YogaGlo to be very helpful. YogaGlo has an option where you can select how long you have for the workout etc.  That way you can cater and customize to what you're feeling at the time.  It's SO hard to get motivated - I SO feel you!  Hang in there and you got this!!!
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