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Replacing valves PISA

I've noticed a decreased pumping output this week, so I made a mental note to replace the membranes on my PISA.  I decided to google how often people tended to replace them and was surprised to find people talking about replacing the valves as well.  Do y'all replace the yellow valves?  If so how often and why?  It seems like since those are hard plastic that as long as there's no visible damage they'd be fine.  Am I missing something?

Re: Replacing valves PISA

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    With my first daughter I pumped multiple times every day for about 8 months and never once changed the yellow valve. Maybe I'm missing something too? Anytime I noticed my output was decreased I just changed the white membrane like you and everything was back to normal. 
  • About how often do you need to change the membranes?
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  • I change my membranes monthly or sooner if I feel I'm not getting good suction. I replaced a valve once but only bc I cracked it 
  • I replaced membranes monthly. Pumped for 14mo with DD1 and never replaced a valve. Maybe people are buying the combo valve/membrane packs, so they're replacing both? Either way, it's just the membrane that needs to be replaced. 



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