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Breast pumps?

My insurance will pay for any pump I want I just have to let them know in the next couple weeks which one I want. Since I am pregnant with my first I have no idea how to choose. Which ones have you seen  or used that you would recommend?

Re: Breast pumps?

  • I have both an Ameda purely yours and a Medela pump in style. The Ameda works well but is hard to clean and the flange/bottle system is a little cumbersome. I like the Medela better because it's easier to clean, the flanges come apart and there aren't hard to get spots and they angle downwards so you don't have to lean over. I also like how the machine is in a permanent case type thing which makes it easier to carry around without having a separate bag for it. 
    I'll post a picture of both (my Ameda needs to be cleaned, sorry)

  • I like the Medela pump in style.


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    Kaiser covered my Ameda Purely Yours but I was warned by them that a lot of working moms said they eventually crapped out. It was free so I figured I'd give it a go. It worked fine when I was using it once a day or so while on maternity leave. About 2 months after I returned to work, I found out what they were talking about. I went from 15 minutes to pump to 30 minutes AND I wasn't able to pump as many ounces! I quickly bought an almost new Medela Pump In Style and it pumps even better than my Ameda did brand new. I HIGHLY recommend Medela over Ameda. Don't make the same mistake I did!
  • I have the medela pu.p on style advance and live it. I exclusively pump so I use it 4 times a day every day for the past 5 months and haven't had any problems with it. I have read about how great their customer service is. Hopefully, I won't need to use it, but if I do that is definitely a plus. 
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